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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

(OOTD)(WLW) More and More for Micklegate!

Good Evening!

Well I am about to attempt the marble nails again shortly, but first I thought I would share my OOTD and a special WLW that's close to my heart.

So we'll start with the outfit, once again we have had beautiful sunshine, so I completely took advantage of this!

Boob Tube- New Look Sale
Maxi Skirt- Select, £8
Shoes- China Town, New York (mentioned yesterday!)

And for accessories...

Peace Rosary- Matalan, £2.50
Medallion Necklace- Gift a few years ago

So there we have it for my summery outfit, now for a Web-Link Wednesday.

As I have previously mentioned, the Queen is visiting York on the 5th April as part of her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, and to deliver the Maundy Money. The royal entrance to York is Micklegate, and this is where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be 'invited' into the city. This is going to be a big day for Micklegate. They are hosting a street fair with many live acts throughout the day, (I hope the weather holds out!). There will also be a fashion event, that I am involved in, that I will be blogging about on the day.

But Micklegate itself has been through a pretty tough time of late. A series of shop closures and the loss of some pretty long-standing businesses on the street has lead to Micklegate becoming a little forgotten. Even residents of York have admitted they don't visit the area often, whereas areas such as Gillygate and Fossgate seem to thrive. So what's wrong with Micklegate?

The answer is, well, nothing really, it just needs some love. Micklegate boasts several hair, beauty and nail salons, some lovely pubs and restaurants, and some great boutiques. It's a lovely friendly street and it really deserves some more attention.

Luckily the Micklegate Quarter has been set up, to promote Micklegate as the exciting destination that it is. Yes, there are a few shops empty, yes, 'it's not what it used to be', but there are some great businesses that people are missing out on by not visiting.

Hopefully the celebrations for the Queen will help people to recognise Micklegate as the pampering and shopping destination that it so clearly is, but that people currently fail to see.

So for more information about Micklegate and how to get there, (you best be early on 5th April if you want a good spot!), then please visit

And with that, we'll hopefully see you on the 5th :)

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