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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butters, Boots and a Glossy Box Update

Good Evening!

So I went to Boots today to pick up my Revlon Lip Butters that I had ordered for store pick up and I LOVE them! I will do a more in depth post about them shortly, have a lot to get through tonight!

I got 001 Pink Truffle, 005 Sugar Frosting, 010 Raspberry Pie and 035 Candy Apple, they are £7.99 each, but they are currently 2 for £10 on

Anyway, here are some swatches and pictures...

Left to Right- Candy Apple, Sugar Frosting, Pink Truffle, Raspberry Pie

I had also ordered some Simple things into Boots, (so I could have free store delivery!) Currently Simple products are on 3 for 2...

Simple Sun-Kissed Moisture Cream (£4.99), Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen (£4.99) and Oil Balancing Facial Scrub (£3.99). These are all Simple products that I have not tried before but have been wanting to try for a while. So I will let you know how I get on. I also picked up some Batiste (£2.99) because I have run out and it's just an essential really!

So it's also time for a follow up on the March (Harrod's Edition) Glossy Box. I have tried 5 out of the 6 products. I am saving the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Sachet for a time when I really need it, like after some heavier make-up.

But of the things I have tried, I am overall impressed. Firstly I think I have found my new mascara love. Seriously. Wow. The Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara is amazing. I really love it. There is a photo of it on my eye below. I have no other make up on so please excuse my tired looking skin, but I just had to show you what it looks like. I am not one for big thick lashes, I prefer length, and wow did this lengthen. The brush is like no other I have used, it's kind of square with shorter bristles on two sides, and longer on the other two. At first I didn't notice and was wondering why I was poking myself in the eye, but once I got the hang of it I was very very impressed. At £20.50 I would have to seriously consider this purchase. I won't be running out to buy it, as the sample is a very good size, and I also quite like my Clinique Mascara, but I could be tempted, (or someone could treat me, you never know...)

I have been using the SK-II Skin Signature for the last few nights, but I due to lack of sleep and looking tired all the time, I can't really tell you if it's performed miracles. I like the formulation of it, and it sinks in pretty fast. Now, I don't know if this is just me, and if other people have tried this and experienced the same, please let me know, but I seem to get a faint smell of Ralgex Deep Heat Spray from this. Maybe it's something in it. When I smell it up close I don't really smell it, but I just seem to catch a whiff when I am applying it, how odd...

So I mentioned in the original Glossy Box March post that I am in love with this scent. I can't really describe scents, but if you get a chance to sniff Valentina, do! It's lovely! At around £50 for 50ml this is not as bad as I was expecting really. I still think it's a bit pricey, but it is beautiful.

I found the consistency of the Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream quite odd, it's kind of hard. It smells nice but I found it quite hard to rub in. I am not sure if it's had much effect but I like moisturisers so no doubt I will carry on using it. If anything miraculous happens I will let you know.

Oh My Days! I love the scent of this bath and shower gel by Molton Brown. I had a bath in it about 3 hours ago and I can still smell it. It's just so lovely, again I won't even try and describe it, its just lovely! My skin feels very nice too. It says it contains Vitamins A, B and C so I assume it's doing my skin some good. It smells and feels pretty luxurious, and I love the silver cap on the bottle.

So that's my general feeling about the Glossy Box for this month. I am pretty happy, though I would have loved a Burberry Lipstick! But I think my mascara makes up for it!

Anyway, having an early night, college tomorrow, and now I have things in place for my dissertation I can finally crack on!

So see you tomorrow for a Web-Link Wednesday, and hopefully the results of a Marble Nails attempt!
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  1. those lip butters look lovely, can wait to have a peek at them :-)

    1. I am so excited to do a more in depth post about them. I think they hit the shelves in about 2 weeks time! x


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