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Sunday, 4 March 2012

(OOTD) Sheffield Haul...and me in a bag!


Well I am shattered! But I had a lovely weekend with my bestest friend Sam (if you haven't checked out her baking blog already, you should!)

Once again I am not going to hang around nattering, I have A LOT to get through (if my blog posts are too long, please let me know, I often do wonder...)

So here's the OOTD:

Vintage Dress- Inherited from Grandma
Leggings- Select £4

Simple and sweet :)

So, I kind of bought a lot in Sheffield... here's the bag that contains it all (and later contained me, but we'll get to that!

So I have grouped this by type of purchase, first rings...

1. Matalan, £3 2. Matalan, £2.50 3. Matalan,  £2.50 4. Miss Selfridge, £3
Up close...

Hair accessories...
1. Miss Selfridge,  £2 2. Matalan, £2 3. Matalan, £2 4. Matalan, £2

 Didn't get any bracelets, apart from this hand chain. I really love the little bug. I must also mention that all sale jewellery in Miss Selfridge is also on 3 for 2, so some things were actually when I got to the till!

And now onto necklaces...

1. Miss Selfridge, £2 2. Matalan, £2.50, 3. Matalan, £3, 4. Matalan,  £3

The only pair of earrings I bought were from Matalan and were the princely sum of £3.

I have been admiring these body chains for a while, and fell in love with this one in the Miss Selfridge sale for £8. I plan to wear it with my backless Isabel Wong Dress.

I also popped into Home Bargains, picked up some Olbas Bubble bath for £2.50, I have had it before and it's lovely. I also bought two pots of Re-Gen cream, (one for me and one for Rosie). This cream was recommended on Zoella's blog, so we thought we would give it a go, and at £3.99, it's not as if it breaks the bank!

After being impressed with my TopShop nail art pen, I decided to get these ones too. These are 3 in 1, they have a precision nib, a brush and contain gems for decoration. These are £7.50, but £6.75 with student discount!

So we finally hit Primark and basically I just went a bit mad! Will start with these boot socks for the mens section, they were £2 a pair. I loved the colour selection, I am very excited to wear these with my Vivienne Westwood Wellies!

I saw these glasses on Asos for £9.50, and we were having a good giggle about me buying some for my holiday this year. In Primark they were £2 so I couldn't resist! Yes they are a bit Elton John, but I think they are awesome!

I spotted these at the till and was pretty impressed. I have a lot of necklaces (as you know) and I have been experimenting with how to store them and I think these are the answer. You get 3 hangers for £2.50 which I think is pretty cheap!

I had not been interested in skull scarves until I saw this colour combo, and for £3 I couldn't help myself!...

... Just like I couldn't resist this 'binocular' bag for £3!

I had seen this backpack on one of the YouTubers haul videos and I really liked it. It was £9 which is a bit 'high end' for Primark, but I think I will get some good use out of it.

I also bought a hair donut, I would really like to be able to wear a top-knot, but my hair is too short, so I hope I can create some sort of similar effect with this, it's a £1 experiment.

I also picked these face wipes up to try. I know some people don't like face wipes, but I find them quick and handy to use. I don't really have time for elaborate skin routines, so for now these and a bit of moisturiser will do.

Now onto clothes, I picked up these purple leggings for £3. I love leggings!

I fell in love with this bandeaux top for £3, I plan to wear it with a tie up denim shirt over the top in the summer. I love the pattern and I really want the warm weather to come now!

I also fell in love with this tiger vest, it's blue eyes grabbed me! And for £5 I had to have it.

Now for a bit of a boring buy, 2 spaghetti strap vests, £2 each.

Feeling all summery I grabbed this scarf print vest for £5, I love the pattern!

The next dress is something that Sam ordered for me a while ago, but I have only just picked it up. It was £9 in the Dorothy Perkins sale and I can't wait to wear it!

We also nipped into B&M Bargains, I have never been before but it's amazing! Twirls and bun sprinkles first :)

I will be living with Rosie from summer, so I treated us to these awesome tea towels, they were only £2.49!

I also picked these up for my future bedroom, at £2.99 I couldn't help myself!

And finally I got these wall stickers for our future house, they are reusable too so I thought they were a steal at £1.99!

So that is everything! I know it's a lot so thanks for reading, as a reward, here is a sequence of pictures of me fitting into the giant bag! Until tomorrow...


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  1. loving those earrings! such a nice statement piece.

    1. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I never get notified of my comments!

      I had a look at your blog, it's lovely, you're now on my reading list :)

      Thanks for reading!


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