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Friday, 12 March 2010

Busy busy makes for poor blogging!

Ok, so once again I manage not to post for a long time! But in my defence I have been doing uber millions of work; so it's about time I explained the briefs for this term:

Work Related Learning- For this project I have to design a capsule collection of wedding dresses and accessories for the House of Wu group. If the designs are good my tutor, Andrew, owner of Eternity Bridal, may catwalk some of them. I also have to design all the promotional material for this collection. My collection is themed around the beach wedding, and so far I am pretty pleased with it. I know need to choose my favourite designs and develop them further, then I am going to consider tiara, bag and shoe designs. I am going to the Bridal Show in Harrogate on Monday, so I will try and post about that.

Style, Design and Fashion Production- For this project I have to design a hand bag, and also create a marketing plan, magazine feature and a window display. I am taking part in photography lessons, as I also have to do a photoshoot with my finished bag. I am going to knit an across the body messenger bag, and add details such as cross stitching and screen printing. I struggled with this project at the beginning but now I am really getting into it.

'Future Perfect'- This project requires me to design a trend book for AW'10 and SS'11, which will inspire the buying and production teams of a high street store. At the moment I am spending a lot of time gathering research from magazines and WGSN (fashion forecasting website). We also attended Premier Vision in Paris to aid us, (this trip has aided me in most projects for this term). I really enjoyed Premier Vision, sadly you are not permitted to take photos in there, so no pictures, but I got photos of shop front etc, but I am not sure I can post them without getting into trouble, (got a beautiful picture of a McQueen dress in one window =/ R.I.P). Was a great trip, but it was so cold!

Personal and Professional Development- I have to pick two skills which are relevant to my chosen career, in my case fashion buying, and develop them. I have to then show my development to the class by form of a presentation at the end of the term. I have decided to focus on trend prediction, which I will present as a series of mood boards, and buyer investigation, in which I will undertake research into what it takes to be a buyer. I will do this by interviewing my mum's cousin, as she has extensive buying experience, and by imagining I was the buyer for a high street store, and I will present what I would buy. All this will interlink, as I will summarise what I learn from the interview, then predict the trends, and apply this to the role of a buyer by showing what I would select for my chosen high street store. I am excited about this project as at present I am trying to get some work experience to help me, but my emails keep bouncing back, so I am unsure what to do =s!

Anyway, there is this terms work, yes I am already a few weeks in and should have done this sooner, but all I seem to do is work, cook, clean, food shop, sleep, travel to and from home, and more work. Thank goodness its the weekend... I am definitely chilling out. Got a hat to knit =] so more on that aswell. Also, I will put pictures up of the project I have made for mothers day, once my mum has it, (she reads this so I can't post it yet!)

So that's all for now, have a great weekend :)
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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Boyfriend's mum's birthday present?? All wrapped up I'd say...

'2 posts in one day is unheard of!' I hear you say, but there may even be another one yet! So here is a scarf I made for my boyfriend's mum's birthday. Very very simple to make. I just saw a nice coloured ball of wool in Boyes and decided that a scarf would be a nice present. So I just knitted the whole ball and the above picture is the result. It appears casting 50 stitches on and using 6mm needles was ideal as the wool came out in perfect stipes! I think she will love it, or I hope she does.

For a finishing touch I even added a gift tag, made from bits out of a pack of various bits and peices of crafty things which I got from Poundland of all places, in fact they are such good packs, that I now have 4. I'm sure they will come in useful for my course!

So there you have it, just thought I would share that with you instead of cleaning my room and making chicken tikka for my tea... ah best get to it really!

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Sooo, back at college now, and everything is go go go again!
I've got my new briefs for the term, which I will post about later, (have another post as well, oh aren't you lucky =p), but for now I have to post about yesterdays shenanigans!
For one of the new breifs, PPD, my dear friend Avneet, thought that it would be perfect to do a photoshoot to present as part of a project. I happily obliged to be styled and photographed by Avneet, because, let's face it, I love having my photo taken.
So last Thursday we went into Leeds so Avneet could chose me an outfit. I decided that I needed to be styled for a festival, (although I have never been to one in my life, and the thought of living in a tent with no shower for a few days just isn't my idea of fun, I am sure the music is great though!).
Avneet picked my clothes from H&M, which is a shop I am really loving at the moment, (I may even use it as part of my project, but more on that later). I tried on several outfits and decided on a floaty top and denim shorts, which were in that sale, and so I have decided to keep them instead of taking them back which was my original plan.
Yesterday at college, we took before and after pictures (Avneet styled 3 of us in total), and then we just had a mess around because we booked the studio for 2 hours.
It was great fun, we had a good giggle and got some productive work done. I am going to have a play with some of the photos on Illustrator or Photoshop, so I will let you know the results of that. But for now, here are my before and after pictures, and my favourite photo of me from the shoot...

Me before...

Me after...

Me and my stylist, Avneet...

Me and the other models (Becky, left and Abi centre)...
My favourite picture of me...

The rest of the photos are on Facebook =]!

More posts soon...

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

On another note...

The photos I promised last time are pretty boring to be honnest, so I am drawing a line under last year and just restarting my blog from now, kind of, but I will put more photos up this year =]
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Ok, so I fail

Ok, so like the title says, I fail.
I should have been posting sooo much more than I have been, and I have made it my new years resolution to do so...

So Christmas and New Year were fun, got lots of nice presents and spent all of the time with my lovely and lively family =]
Since then I have been to Amsterdam on a dutch dash, met up with my friend Frank who I had never met in real life before, so that was muchly fun, (the photos are on facebook). I have also done a lot of catching up with friends and family in the time I have been at home =]

And I have been on with a couple of little projects, firstly, the Pandas are coming...

I was inspired by the hat in River Island, but refused to pay £13 for it, so I made my own. Took me 2 days, and £5, but I definitely think it was worth it. A woman actually left the queue in the bank to take a photo of the back of my head while I was wearing it, if I could have thought of something to say I would have, but I was in shock at the time.

Then I worked on Justin (the boyfriend)'s 3 year anniversary of being together, present...

I got the cross stitch pattern off the website (fantastic website for people who like to make things), then I decided to make a Rubicks Cube for it to go on, (he can solve one in under a minute =]) This took 2 weeks to make and he does love it muchly =]

I am now on with making a scarf, I am really enjoying knitting and making things, but I am going back to Leeds on Sunday and back to college so I will have less time for things, but I PROMISE that this term I will be blogging on a regular basis! I will probably keep blogging on things I have been making or doing =]
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