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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ok, so I fail

Ok, so like the title says, I fail.
I should have been posting sooo much more than I have been, and I have made it my new years resolution to do so...

So Christmas and New Year were fun, got lots of nice presents and spent all of the time with my lovely and lively family =]
Since then I have been to Amsterdam on a dutch dash, met up with my friend Frank who I had never met in real life before, so that was muchly fun, (the photos are on facebook). I have also done a lot of catching up with friends and family in the time I have been at home =]

And I have been on with a couple of little projects, firstly, the Pandas are coming...

I was inspired by the hat in River Island, but refused to pay £13 for it, so I made my own. Took me 2 days, and £5, but I definitely think it was worth it. A woman actually left the queue in the bank to take a photo of the back of my head while I was wearing it, if I could have thought of something to say I would have, but I was in shock at the time.

Then I worked on Justin (the boyfriend)'s 3 year anniversary of being together, present...

I got the cross stitch pattern off the website (fantastic website for people who like to make things), then I decided to make a Rubicks Cube for it to go on, (he can solve one in under a minute =]) This took 2 weeks to make and he does love it muchly =]

I am now on with making a scarf, I am really enjoying knitting and making things, but I am going back to Leeds on Sunday and back to college so I will have less time for things, but I PROMISE that this term I will be blogging on a regular basis! I will probably keep blogging on things I have been making or doing =]
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