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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's been a little while

So what with having a very busy week and then going home to see the family, it's been a while since my last post, and all I have seemed to do is work work work on all 4 of my projects.

There hasn't been any major events this week, apart from I did start work on the model of my shop, which involved me getting covered in paper maché and white acrylic paint, but it was fun. I am going to try and finish it this weekend while I am home.

At the moment I am really focusing on finishing my PPD4 project, as I have a presentation to give on the 26th April, I don't have that much left to do so I should be done in time. My other projects are coming along as well, but I definitely have the most to do on VM, but I am trying to get the others mostly out of the way so I can focus on that last.

Just a small post really to let you know I am working away, been ill today though so just woke up again after a nap, best get on with my report for PPD4 really!
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I Love York

Just a quick update on my photography expedition, and the realisation I came to earlier. 

I did manage to get a load of photos for my research, which is brilliant, I have got a lot to work with now. And I also spotted that there is a new Apple Reseller store opening, which is quite exciting for tech geeks like me!

Thought I would share my favourite photo of the day with you. This is Browns window display. One of the main window trends at the moment is clearly themed around the Royal Wedding and all things British:

I love the bunting and the use of the ring graphics on the window. I think there is a good balance of product and props in this window, and it's quite a visual treat, there is a lot to look at. It's only recently that I noticed that Browns and Fenwicks actually have window displays and I am starting to appreciate that York really does have its place in the fashion world. With the introduction of Fashion City York I feel that York is screaming out to be heard. Not only does York boast a brilliant array of high street stores, it offers a wonderful amount of independent boutiques and craft stores that are begging to be discovered and appreciated. I love York, I really do. Being a little country bumpkin it offers me shops and opportunities of a large city, but in a smaller, quirkier and quainter package. The history and charm of York sells itself to me, but the shopping can definitely rival Leeds. And after living in both cities, give me York any day :)

This has turned into quite the post, but today walking around the city has made me realise how lucky I am to live where I do, in a fabulously fashionable and historical city!
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A Busy Working Week

So it's been just over a week, and I have actually made a lot of progress in this time. 
Because one of my tutors was not going to be present on Monday, I decided to work from home, and I made some progress on my WRL4 project and decided to work on this for the rest of the week, because I felt if I got one project out of the way it would take some of the pressure off.
In college on Tuesday we did some work on branding in the morning, which helped us to check if our PPD4 promotional material we were creating was actually representing us properly. I finished working on my postcard and artists statement, so that's the last of my promotional material finished, well apart from the poster for the static show.
In the afternoon we had tutorials with an substitute teacher called Dan, who has a very interesting career history, and had a lot of good ideas for both WRL4 and VM so that put my head in a much better place for finishing up some bits and pieces for WRL4.
My WRL 4 project is pretty much finished now, apart from a couple of odd jobs that can't be done until I progress with my other projects, so I am very pleased about that. 
I also had a friend staying for the week so it was nice to have a fresh pair of eyes over my work and she gave me some very constructive criticism.

The weekend was spent with the family, enjoying the beautiful sunshine in Sheffield and in York. I spent a bit too much money but I suppose I could justify is as trend research?? HAH!

So yesterday and today I have been working on the 3000 word mini dissertation for VM. I completed the first draft after 8 hours yesterday, and have proofed it this morning, I have now sent it to a couple of other people to read to make sure I haven't missed any silly mistakes. Overall I am pleased with the content and the presentation (all 22 pages of it!), and I hope that once I have had it checked by the learning mentors I can consider it done.

So now, after having my WRL4 project read over by my boss, I have a couple of bits and pieces to add and change in that, and then I intend to work on FMT2 and get my research completed.

And tonight, after 5, I am going to roam the streets of York and take photos of some window displays for VM, then I can't get shouted at by staff. So that's another job down. 

Going home on Thursday but there is no rest for the wicked, it's likely I will be working from there too, but once its done it's done and I can relax. Saying that, I am considering taking part in a dressmaking a tailoring course straight after college finishes, but it will be very useful and will keep me busy :)

Speaking of busy, best get cracking really...

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Fashion City York

So here is the post I promised about this weekend.

It was actually a great experience for me, I got to meet some local designers, and even got myself offered another job! But more on that later.

So I went down to the fashion village in St. Samson's square on Saturday to find it rather busy, and rather a treat to behold! Jewellery, clothing, hats, I didn't really know where to start! Every stall was different, but the obvious place to start was with the Bill Baber stall of course, here are a couple of pictures of our stall:

Our use of colour definitely caused some interest and I had a great time talking to people and handing out leaflets. But I did go for a nosey around. I ended up treating myself to a couple of things. Firstly I went and bought a couple of pieces of jewellery, (and later a top!) from a up and coming designer called Isabel Wong see her online portfolio. I was having a chat with her and she said she is working on an e-commerce website, so keep an eye out. She specialises in up-cycled jewellery and had a wonderful sample sale displaying garments made from beautiful fabrics in nudes, creams and muted blues.

I also treated myself to a skirt from another local designer, Kelly Ewing. Her use of texture was absolutely beautiful and her designers looked slightly Vivienne Westwood-eske to me. Her website is definitely worth a look at!

I will try and put pictures of my purchases up in a day or two, I need to have a mass photography day, because I need photos for several of my projects.

As I mentioned above, I have been offered another job. I was introduced to Sharon from Bolsita Bags through my boss Jack. She also has a shop on Micklegate and mentioned that she may need someone to cover some hours. After some consideration, I have decided that I should become self employed, so I can work for both companies and gain as much experience as possible. I hope to learn a lot from Sharon, especially about garment construction, as she makes made-to-measure tailoring, which is unusual and beautiful. I am very positive about my decision and I am excited to see what this summer will bring for me!

So now for the fashion show on the Saturday night, yet another treat. The Guildhall was the most beautiful and perfect setting for a fashion show, so dramatic and layered in history. Despite the minor hiccups with the projector, the show was thoroughly enjoyable and showcased some of the best local designers along with more well known brands. Browns and Fenwicks sponsored the event and this was obvious by the contents of the goodie bag which was available for all seated guests, and also by the amount of garments showcased from each of these department stores. The goodie bag contained a few perfume samples, a piece of jewellery from a company called Swirl, and a couple of other bits and pieces from Browns and other local companies.

So instead of me waffling about everything, I am going to let the pictures do the talking, thank you to Melanie Miles for taking some fabulous pictures for me :)

This dress was beautiful, slivery grey, but really all about the fabric.

The Finale Dress by Vivienne Westwood for Vivienne Westwood.

I love the clashing colours!

The statement pieces having another showing.

The models one last time.

Designs by Kelly Ewing being followed by the Vivienne Westwood dress.

The beautiful runway.

Hopefully Fashion City York will be making a return in September for a winter show, and I am very much looking forward to being involved through my current job, and also to see what goodies will be available. Best get saving, I feel some Christmas shopping may be on the cards by then!

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Blog Updates

Just a quick little note to let you know that there are updates here and there around the blog, in particular the About Me page.

I will be posting all about this weekend once I have had the pictures emailed to me, so keep an eye out for that :)
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Saturday, 2 April 2011

This Week in a Nutshell

I really don't know where this week has gone! It just feels like I have floated along and I don't have that much to show for it!
In college on Monday I continued to work on both my FMT2 and WRL4 projects. I am quite comfortable with the amount of work I have to do for FMT2, and I do feel that now I have a bit more clarity, that I have more direction for my WRL4 project. 
Tuesday I didn't go to college because there was mentions of me going to help with styling for the fashion show at Fashion City York, the first fashion event in York, which my employer Bill Baber Knitwear, is involved in. It's quite exciting for me because it means I get to be involved too! Unfortunately the organisers decided that they did not want retailers involved in the event to be present at the styling. So instead I got on with my college work from home, and worked more on FMT2 as I am keen to get this project done now.
Wednesday I had House of Colour training at work. The House of Colour help people to understand what colours and styles suit them and offer lots of services to help transform not just your wardrobe, but your lifestyle as well. The training was very informative, but I do feel I should have been making notes, because there was a lot to take in. Also while I was at work, I took advantage of the fact that I work for a small business and asked Jack, my boss, to help me with my 'accounts' for WRL4. He helped me to make realistic estimates and projections for my business. When I got back from work I started another InDesign sketchbook for my WRL4 project and I am very pleased with the overall look of it.
Thursday was pilates day, and I was definitely in need of it, I have let things slide recently. I also went on a bit of a shopping trip and got the bits and pieces that I need to make my bag charm for FMT2. The lady in Craft Basics on Gillygate was very helpful and I managed to get most things in there. However, I did have to venture to Barnitts, another great shop in York which sells everything, to get my clasp. In the evening I got on with more small tasks for a few of my projects.
And then to Friday, cleaning and college work day. And basically I did what it says on the tin, I cleaned, and I worked.

So that's what has been going on this week, and now I am watching Saturday Kitchen (I love food programmes!), and I am about to get ready to go down to the fashion village to help out on the Bill Baber stand. So if you're in York head down to St. Samson's Square, near the Disney Shop. I am also working tomorrow and attending the fashion show tonight, so more blogs tomorrow! I have also being waiting to post about something else, so look out for that too!
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