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Monday, 4 April 2011

Fashion City York

So here is the post I promised about this weekend.

It was actually a great experience for me, I got to meet some local designers, and even got myself offered another job! But more on that later.

So I went down to the fashion village in St. Samson's square on Saturday to find it rather busy, and rather a treat to behold! Jewellery, clothing, hats, I didn't really know where to start! Every stall was different, but the obvious place to start was with the Bill Baber stall of course, here are a couple of pictures of our stall:

Our use of colour definitely caused some interest and I had a great time talking to people and handing out leaflets. But I did go for a nosey around. I ended up treating myself to a couple of things. Firstly I went and bought a couple of pieces of jewellery, (and later a top!) from a up and coming designer called Isabel Wong see her online portfolio. I was having a chat with her and she said she is working on an e-commerce website, so keep an eye out. She specialises in up-cycled jewellery and had a wonderful sample sale displaying garments made from beautiful fabrics in nudes, creams and muted blues.

I also treated myself to a skirt from another local designer, Kelly Ewing. Her use of texture was absolutely beautiful and her designers looked slightly Vivienne Westwood-eske to me. Her website is definitely worth a look at!

I will try and put pictures of my purchases up in a day or two, I need to have a mass photography day, because I need photos for several of my projects.

As I mentioned above, I have been offered another job. I was introduced to Sharon from Bolsita Bags through my boss Jack. She also has a shop on Micklegate and mentioned that she may need someone to cover some hours. After some consideration, I have decided that I should become self employed, so I can work for both companies and gain as much experience as possible. I hope to learn a lot from Sharon, especially about garment construction, as she makes made-to-measure tailoring, which is unusual and beautiful. I am very positive about my decision and I am excited to see what this summer will bring for me!

So now for the fashion show on the Saturday night, yet another treat. The Guildhall was the most beautiful and perfect setting for a fashion show, so dramatic and layered in history. Despite the minor hiccups with the projector, the show was thoroughly enjoyable and showcased some of the best local designers along with more well known brands. Browns and Fenwicks sponsored the event and this was obvious by the contents of the goodie bag which was available for all seated guests, and also by the amount of garments showcased from each of these department stores. The goodie bag contained a few perfume samples, a piece of jewellery from a company called Swirl, and a couple of other bits and pieces from Browns and other local companies.

So instead of me waffling about everything, I am going to let the pictures do the talking, thank you to Melanie Miles for taking some fabulous pictures for me :)

This dress was beautiful, slivery grey, but really all about the fabric.

The Finale Dress by Vivienne Westwood for Vivienne Westwood.

I love the clashing colours!

The statement pieces having another showing.

The models one last time.

Designs by Kelly Ewing being followed by the Vivienne Westwood dress.

The beautiful runway.

Hopefully Fashion City York will be making a return in September for a winter show, and I am very much looking forward to being involved through my current job, and also to see what goodies will be available. Best get saving, I feel some Christmas shopping may be on the cards by then!

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