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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I Love York

Just a quick update on my photography expedition, and the realisation I came to earlier. 

I did manage to get a load of photos for my research, which is brilliant, I have got a lot to work with now. And I also spotted that there is a new Apple Reseller store opening, which is quite exciting for tech geeks like me!

Thought I would share my favourite photo of the day with you. This is Browns window display. One of the main window trends at the moment is clearly themed around the Royal Wedding and all things British:

I love the bunting and the use of the ring graphics on the window. I think there is a good balance of product and props in this window, and it's quite a visual treat, there is a lot to look at. It's only recently that I noticed that Browns and Fenwicks actually have window displays and I am starting to appreciate that York really does have its place in the fashion world. With the introduction of Fashion City York I feel that York is screaming out to be heard. Not only does York boast a brilliant array of high street stores, it offers a wonderful amount of independent boutiques and craft stores that are begging to be discovered and appreciated. I love York, I really do. Being a little country bumpkin it offers me shops and opportunities of a large city, but in a smaller, quirkier and quainter package. The history and charm of York sells itself to me, but the shopping can definitely rival Leeds. And after living in both cities, give me York any day :)

This has turned into quite the post, but today walking around the city has made me realise how lucky I am to live where I do, in a fabulously fashionable and historical city!
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