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Thursday, 31 January 2013

I've been Storify-ing!

Hello! So I don't know if you guys have heard of Storify before, but if you haven't you should check it out! I have been using it for work and today created a post I am pretty proud of and works well for the blog, so I have decided to share it with you. Let me know what you think! If you have Storify you can follow me:

I would love to read your stories too! Hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

(OOTN) Crazy Nights and Snap Decisions


Yes, yes, I know this post was meant to be up two days ago, my bad. Sunday night turned out to be quite a random one, more on that later!

If I am quite honest I am really struggling for inspiration for what to write about at the moment, and as the blog has been dormant for a while, I have no posts tucked away for a rainy day. I don't know why nothing is coming to me, maybe it's because I now blog at work too, so my brain is quite full! I am sure I will get back into it soon.

In the mean time I have a little OOTN for you. On Friday night we went out for some yummy food and some cocktails at Slug and Lettuce and watched the snow get deeper and deeper! What happened later in the night involved snow angels and being rather childish, but this is what I looked like before I got covered in snow, (sorry it's not the best quality picture!).

Velvet Jacket: Select
Dress: Browns
Leggings: New Look
Ankle Wellies: Vivienne Westwood
Socks: Primark
Necklace: was my sisters

This weekend was full of good intentions, but the weather got in the way, and then so did my mood. But in my little spell of Debby Downer, I made a snap decision, and this is what happened...

My hair kind of turned purply red! I am in love with it! I mean, I did like the orange, but I have wanted to go purple for so long, and it just took a bit of a bad mood for me to dare to make the change. My sister also straightened my hair, a very rare occasion, but I do like it now, I used to hate it!

Anyway, I don't really have that much else to say, apart from, if you're thinking about making a change, do it, it really makes you feel better :)

Until next time...
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Tragus related revelation!

So, anyone who knows me personally will know I have wanted my Tragus pierced for a looooong time! However, I don't know whether it's because I have had my ears pinned back or not, but I have tiny Tragus' (or Tragi, or whatever the plural of Tragus is!). This has left me disappointed, and instead I have turned to planning one or two (or four!) tattoos.

Anyway, I digress. I just happened to be browsing around on Facebook, which is what most nights consist of, and I came across  Junkitlove and all of a sudden, an answer to my Tragus related problems appeared: 

TRAGUS CUFFS! Oh my gosh I can't even tell you how excited I was when I saw this! So excited in fact that I messaged Donna, the creator of these goodies, via her Facebook to tell her how wonderful her creations are! A Tragus Cuff costs £6 including delivery, which I think is incredibly reasonable for something handmade and so damn unique. I checked Amazon to see if I had just overlooked something that has been around for ages, but nope, not a Tragus Cuff in sight! 

These beauties are not the only things that Donna makes, she also makes nose cuffs, ear cuffs, other jewellery, beautiful glasswork, and some um, lets say more specialist items. Please check out her Facebook for more photos and her full portfolio. Here are some of my favourites:

A beautiful Goddess

I could go on all day about how excited I am for Tragus Cuffs, but I think you already get the picture! I think these are great for people scared of the pain of piercing, or you young'uns whose parents can still tell you 'no'!

One more plug for good measure! You really should go check out Junkitlove for unique, lovely handmade things, go, go now!
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

I'm back! (again...)


Long time no speak!

So after many a Facebook post telling you eventually I will be back, here I am! As you can see the blog has had a bit of a makeover, or make-under as the case may be. I just wanted to make things simpler and cleaner. I hope you like it!

So talking about keeping things simple, I am going to make my blog a simpler task for me. I plan on posting twice a week for now, until I full figure out my routine. I do have Youtube to fit in as well, but baby steps first. I am of the belief if you shake up your routine too much, you will just get confused and give up completely. So the blog will become routine first, and then the Youtube. I even do this with my beauty routine. I got out of the habit of doing things I should be doing, such as using BioOil, but I know if I make my routine 20 times more complicated straight away, I will abandon it and end up doing nothing, and that doesn't achieve anything!

So a few things have changed, and if you have been keeping up with me on Facebook you will know I have moved flat, changed jobs and have had a few personal life changes.

I am now living with my best friend and sister, and we're loving it. This afternoon has been girly-tastic (which is the general theme of the entire flat!). We've done our nails, and now we're sharing make-up tips. I have just taken a break to write this!

My 'little mermaid' nails
On the job front I am now self employed again. This time I am working with a brilliant design agency as a social media manager. How cool is that? I get to blog and tweet and Facebook at work! I will be becoming the studio manager (eek!) once I have done my exam in Feb, (wish me luck). Anyway, it's great, I work with a great team in a great environment and I am very very happy!

So yeah, this year is my year. I am going to embrace all the changes, find the good in everything and I AM going to be healthier! When I say healthier I don't just mean food wise, I mean my mind too. I will talk more about this in a future post.

So yeah, I won't let this turn into a rambly post. I just hope you're all keeping well and enjoying what 2013 is bringing you.

On another note, I would love to know what you would like to see from this blog. I am trying to think of interesting things to post about and am drawing a blank, so I would love to hear from you!

I think my next post will be Thursday, so see you then!
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