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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

(OOTD) (WLW) Another (smaller) Haul!

Good evening! 

Right, after another lousy night's sleep I am going to get things done earlier in the evening so I can chill out!

So here's the OOTD:

Black T-shirt- Bay, years ago
Leggings- Select £3 post Xmas Sale

Just been lazing around and getting some college work done, so wanted something comfy, and this fit the bill nicely.

So another exciting box from arrived today. There was a lot less in this one, and one thing I can't show because it's a mothers day present and I know she sometimes reads my blog (Hi Mum!)

So here is the first of the two things I can show. I just HAD to have this jumper, I think it's amazing, and I can't believe how soft it is! It's like cashmere. Unbelievable quality for £5. I got the M/L and I am glad because this fits brilliantly.

And the next item is the reason I made the order in the first place. I saw these boots on the Everything 5 Pounds Facebook Page and I had to get a pair. I love the colour and the chain detail. These boots go above and beyond my expectations, I can not believe how soft they are! The heel is a perfect height, as you know I am not brilliant in heels but I feel confident in wearing these. I went back on the website to try and order these in other colours but they have completely sold out! I am not surprised at all, for £5 I wish I had ordered the others now! 

So a very small haul, but I was excited non-the-less. I am once again pleased with the speed of the delivery and the quality from this company and I will definitely be shopping there again. 

Has anyone else used What did you think?

I'm at work tomorrow, so will be spending some time tweaking the blog banner and things, so keep an eye out!


Edit: I for got to do my Web-Link Wednesday! I would like to draw your attention to Jessicas Butterflies, a charity promoting awareness of losing a young child. This charity is run by a friend of a friend and she recommended that I take a look at the regular auctions that they organise to raise money for the organisation. One of the auctions has just finished but no doubt there will be more. There were some great things on there so it's definitely worth a look. So please, like the page, and keep looking out for further auctions, there are some great bargains. It's a great cause too, the story of how the charity came to be is very moving. So yeah, like and share :)
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Glossy Box Update, and some unexpected bargains!

Good evening! Have you noticed the Blog Tweaks? Let me know what you think!

Running a bit late tonight as I was chatting to the lovely Rosie, but I have tested all the February Glossy Box products. This will be a mixture of old and new photos...

So first is the imPRESS Press on Manicure. I have literally just put these on so time will tell, but so far I am happy with how they look. I also love the packaging, I think it's quite quirky for the nails to come in a bottle. I found them quite easy to apply, there is a handy tab to show you which way they go on the nail. It says that they should last a week, so I will let you know how it goes. I think these retail around £17, so I don't think I would pay this for stick on nails. But if these last a week I will be impressed.

Next is the Paul Mitchell Express Style Quick Slick. This product is brilliant, not only did it keep my hair in place, but afterwards it left my hair silky smooth. This impressed me a lot! I sometimes find that once products are brushed out they leave my hair dry, but not this. This is £14.25 for a 150ml, and I am not sure I would pay this at the moment, but if I had the money, and I wore my hair up more, I definitely would.

On to the DuWop Lip Venom. All I have to say is WOW THIS TINGLES! Seriously, for about five minutes, I was wondering if they put pepper or something in it! It was bordering on uncomfortable, so I am not sure if I am sensitive to it. I love the sheen of this gloss, however it is a very very sticky formula! I swatched it in the hope you could see the shimmer better. In the photo I have teamed this with my Body Shop Lip Pencil in Nude, but in the future I would probably also wear a colour underneath, and use this to add a bit of shimmer. This product retails at £16, so I will enjoy using the sample, but I don't think I would purchase a full size tube, because of the 'too-tingly' factor!

I love loose pigments so I was happy to see this in my box, the BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eye Shadow in 'Wolf Howl'. I love this colour. Below I have done a thick and a thin application and I am pleased with both. I would wear it on its own thinly, but would combine with blacks and greys for a smokey eye if I was using a thick coverage. At £7 for a 2g pot I think this is quite reasonable for a pure mineral pigment. I would consider getting these in other colours, if the money would allow. Being a student at the moment means I am scrimping and saving, but hopefully I will find a more stable job soon! Then I can afford pretties like these :)

The last product is the Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel. I actually LOVE the smell of this! I wish it had more lasting power on the skin and I want everything to smell like this! Seriously, Shampoo, Bubble Bath, everything, I would use it all! I did do some research on the company and found that it is a spa and hotel brand and is quite pricey, for example a 300ml bottle of this is £20. But they do gift packs with smaller samples for around £12, and I would be thrilled if someone bought me one! Anyway, you get the picture. I love this product, it doesn't do anything particularly amazing for the skin, it feels the same as any other good quality shower gel, but the scent is second to none!

 So there we go, Glossy Box done and dusted, let me know what you thought of the products this month.

Today I took a little trip to Budgens, (my local little supermarket thing, like a Tesco Express, I know they are a chain but there don't seem to be that many), and discovered these candles in a bargain bin for 50p each! What a bargain! I had to buy several as they look beautiful and at 50p, that's only £2.50's worth right there. I haven't been sleeping well and will do anything to get back into a good cycle! So I figured a nice scented candle, a chapter of the Steve Jobs Biography and my Sound Asleep Pillow, (more on that in another post), might help me to drift off. The candles have quite a strong, yet pleasant, generic candle-y potpourri smell, although they all claim to be different scents. I guess I will see once they are burning. 

So that's it for tonight. College tomorrow, so I really should go and try and sleep, but I have just got distracted watching One Born Every Minute USA. No, I don't want kids just yet, I just really like this show!
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Monday, 27 February 2012

I got BlogLovin'!

Just to let you know I got BlogLovin' so now you can follow me on there too!
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(OOTD) Little bit of a room tour!

Right! Back to normal! Let's start with an OOTD.

(white vest underneath from Peacocks)
Shorts- Given to my by a friend
Leggings- Primark, £6

So seeing as though I have tidied my room, I thought I would do a kind of tour. Some peoples room are very minimalist or not, but do have a general theme. Mine however, doesn't. It is just a mish mash of everything I like, and that's the way I like it :)

(Apologies for the weird lighting my DSLR was playing up!)

The first picture is of my windowsill.

'L'- Joy, gift
Flowers- Poundworld
Flower Candles- from my Grandma's house

Next is my dressmakers mannequin. I bought her for £5 from the car boot and she just looked a little tired. I mentioned in my vintage post that I had picked up some fabric for her. I haven't sewed the fabric on. I have just pinned it in case I plan to use the fabric for something else. I have added the ribbon to use her as kind of a notice board, so I can slip papers under it etc. Of course I can pin things to her too, such as the little guardian angel pin she is sporting at the moment :)

I thought my new jewellery cabinet was looking a little bland so I moved some of my ornaments and my necklace lady onto it :) 

As for the drawers I have found other boxes and things to help me with my organising...

...And I finally I have a make up drawer! I know this need more organising, and I would love some vintage-y tins and things to sort everything into, but for now it can just be chaos! 

I also now have a pretty naked desk which is lovely. I am using my Ruby and Millie case as my mirror and essential make up storage (primer, powders etc). There is also a nice eye palette in there that I have been neglecting and I aim to use it more now :)

Stationary Storage! Oh and the Rome Series 1 DVD collection! Love a bit of Rome...

Curtain Rail! Nothing like a Sari, Lei and a bottle of flowers to spruce up your curtains.


Not forgetting my little scottish fairy. I picked it up in Edinburgh. I love it a lot!

Finally my bed, which will look much nicer once I have a headboard, which I am hoping to get and re-cover soon. Just need my dad to come back through so we can go have a rummage at Banana Warehouse!

As you can see, I quite like bears :)

So there we have it. I love looking at other peoples rooms and how they store / present things, so I hope that you like a good nosey too!

Also, today I have been applying for some jobs, so if anyone knows of any sales / retail jobs in the York area, give me a shout!

So that's it for today... Glossy Box review tomorrow!
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Absolutely Shattered! But here's what's coming up in March!

Well the two day slog to clean my room is finally over. I finished at 6 tonight, then cooked a Sunday dinner, then just finished cleaning the rats out, and I am going for a well deserved bath. But first, I thought I would let you know what's to come in Lucy's Lil World!

Sorry for the lack of OOTDs this weekend, I have literally been cleaning in my trackies and a hoodie, and I am now covered in dust, so not really photographic material! Back to normal tomorrow I promise!

So March promises to be interesting, with two vintage fairs, one week after the other, and I am going to be blogging at them both.

 York Does Vintage is first, on the 10th March at the Merchant Adventures Hall in York (10:30 - 5pm), so if you're in the area get yourself down there, for £1 entry (50p for students) you really can't go wrong! I am really looking forward to this, there is going to be all sorts there, not just vintage shopping, but makeovers, live music and tea parties!

The weekend after, on the 18th March, the Guildhall, York, is going to host The York Vintage Fair (12-5pm). Tea parties and make overs will also be available here, as will 40 stalls of vintage goodies!

I don't think I have witnessed so much vintage activity! I am very excited, and I hope you are too (if you're in the York / Leeds area of course, or if you are visiting!)

Right, time for a bath now! Hope you're looking forward to March as much as I am! 

(Also looking forward to it because I will be getting my iPhone 4S, eeee!)
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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Out with the old, and... well just out with the old really!

Just a quick post tonight, I am actually zonked!

I spent most of today cleaning out my bedroom. After the 'no' from Harrods, it seems a sensible time to de-clutter, tidy my life up and start with a new positivity. I was already positive, don't get me wrong, but a tidy room means a tidy mind and I think I just need a bit more spring in my step, (which is funny really, considering it is spring! *childish giggle at own lame joke*)

So I am getting rid of a lot of things and just trying to make the place look generally tidier. I have cleared out a lot of my crafty stuff from my fashion course, and I am donating this to my mums work, and some of it to Rosie. I have also managed to part with the odd piece of clothing and a handbag. Most of what I have is strangely back on trend, so it seems silly getting rid of it all to buy new stuff. Plus, I have no pennies for a wardrobe overhaul anyway. 

At the moment I can't even see my bed, so I will be residing in the bf's room for the evening, and continuing with it all tomorrow. I hope one more day will do it, or else it's going to be a long week, I hope to give the rest of the flat a general clean too. By Friday I think I will be ready for my weekend in Sheffield!

Anyway, I am going to chill out, so see you soon :) 
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Friday, 24 February 2012

(TFF) Variated Nails Attempt

So it's time for another Top Five Friday! And this time I have kept it to five you'll be pleased to know. Let's get started...

This week I have decided to look at hair accessories. I have a drawer full of the things but there are some that I do reach to more. Please bare in mind that the top five here represent the top five general styles I chose to wear, and it's likely that I have similar things in several colours!

So my number 5 has got to be my wire wrap around headband from Browns. I got it for £1.50 in the sale. I love leopard print so as soon as I saw it I had to have it! I find it really easy to wear now my hair is a bit longer. I also really like the fact that when it is twisted the ends look like a bow, as shown below.

Now I think I must have been a hippy in a previous life; I have always had a love for feathers, beads and bright colours. I just a had to have this feather and plaited cord head band from Primark when I saw it last summer. I think it was something ridiculously cheap like £1.50, I can't wait for some more sunshine to start wearing it again!

Remember I said I love leopard print?! I have had this bow for ages, and I will wear it time and time again. If I am wearing something quite neutral and plain, I can add a bit of something with this bow. I love bows! I have several of them, not just for hair accessories, in other jewellery styles too. I think this was from Primark too, and was around £1. This just had to be in my top five, you can wear it casually or with a more dressy outfit, I just love it!

Flowers! I love flowers, especially statement ones. I have quite a few but this one is my favourite. It was an xmas present this xmas just gone. I love the blue, (it's actually more turquoise in real life), and the gems in the middle just add some sparkle, everything I want in an accessory. 

But my number one accessory has to be this little hair slide. I love hair slides, I have lots, they just add a little something to an outfit. I love this one the most because I think the flower and the colour is beautiful. The fact it's pale means it will go with most things and just adds a touch of something different. Like I said, I am pretty sure I was a hippy at some point, so wearing flowers and things in my hair just comes naturally to me!

So that's the top five done for today. After seeing Sprinkle of Glitter's tutorial on variated nails, I thought I would have a go, but decided to use two colours instead.

I used e.l.f smokey brown underneath, and topped with a natural collection pale silvery blue (I would go check the name, but the bf just brought tea and home baked cookies over from the kitchen, so I am nom-ing :) ). Some of them have ended up looking pretty bad, the centre nail in this picture is definitely the best. It is starting to chip already though, which is not great, but I guess that's due to the amount of polish on the nail. Anyway, I thought I would share my attempt with you!

One last thing, during the writing of this post I had a phone call from Harrods, to tell me I was unsuccessful in my interview. I am fine about it, I am so proud to have even gotten that far, and the experience it has provided me with is so valuable. It has also made me realise that I am not really cut out to be a manager, I am much better working as part of a team, as I care too much what people think to be having to tell people off etc. 

So my plan now is to stick up in Yorkshire, and look for something in high-end sales here. I think London would have eaten me alive anyway! I will wait a while before I brave taking the plunge and moving there.

Anyway, one door closes, another opens, there is a job out there for me, I just have to find it!

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

(OOTD's) College and the Theatre


Feeling a bit rubbish today, I think a lack of sleep is getting to me.

So will try and keep is short and simple. Two OOTD's! First one was from yesterday at college:

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt- Primark, £3
Shorts- £8 Select
Leggings- Primark, £3
Turtle Necklace- Primark, Xmas Present

Cream and Brown wrap around bracelets- Primark, £1.50
Swallow Bracelet- Vintage Fair, £3
Wooden Bead Multi-strand bracelet- Present
Dragonfly Bracelet- Present

Speaking of college I got all my results back yesterday and I am thrilled! I am on track for a First Class Honours Degree, and I am so proud. Coming from a plan of marine biology, to fashion, to business, I have always felt like I have had something to prove, and it's just great to know that my hard work is paying off. To celebrate me and the bf went to Pizza Hut!

After Pizza Hut we went to see Monty Python's Spamalot, which was fabulous! If you have the chance to go, you should! This is what I wore:

Black Wool Cardigan-
Shirt- H&M, £7
Cream Vest- H&M, £4
Belt- Primark (I think)
Skirt- Select, £8
Tights- New Look (I think)
Panda Necklace- Present
Rosary Necklace- New Look Sale
Swallow Bracelet- (as mentioned above)

So that's all I have to say today really. I thought I would leave you with another picture of Harrods. I took this one on Sunday night!

See you tomorrow for a Top Five Friday!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

(OOTD's) Bit of a haul, and a Glossy Box!

So I am back!!

London was nerve wracking, but I find out wether I have got the job in the next week or so, luckily I don't have to wait a long time!

Here is a picture of my suit for my interview...

Blazer and Skirt- New Look
Shirt- H&M
Tights- M&S
Shoes- Ted Baker
Brooch- had ages

Now for my travelling to London Outfit

Cardigan-, £5 (derr)
Grey Long-Sleeved T-Shirt- New Look, had ages
Panda Vest-
Shorts- Primark, £5
Leggings- Select, £4

So there we have it for OOTDs! Today was exciting for several reasons, the first being the arrival of my Glossy Box...

As I opened it

This is my second box and I am just as excited to try all the new products. The first I pulled out was the Impress Press-on Manicure. This looks pretty interesting. I will probably have a go with this at the weekend. I have a lot of tidying to do this week so don't want to put them on and rip them straight off. A set is usually £17.40, so I am expecting good things from this set.

Moving on to the Paul Mitchell Quick Slip. This is a conditioning and styling product that is £14.25 for 150ml, the sample in the Glossy Box is 25ml. I don't normally use styling products as such, but I will give this a go and let you know how I get on.

I am very interested in the next product, the Duwop Venom Gloss. This is a half size sample, a full 10ml product costs £16. It looks a lovely colour, and I look forward to trying it out soon! I have had such a busy day that I just haven't had time for much testing!

As a lover of eyeshadow I am really pleased with the BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow. I love the colour, I got 'Wolf Howl' a beautiful deep purple. This is a half size sample, and there seems to be plenty in it. A full 2g pot is £7.00, which, depending on the quality of this product, may or may not be reasonable.  

The smell of this next product is AMAZING, my only issue is that I think I would have preferred this as a bubble bath, rather than a shower gel, but all the same, I am excited. This is the Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel. It is mixture of Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint. I think I will be disappointed when I get though this 50ml sample, a full size 300ml bottle is £20, so if I love it, it may be a birthday request. I have not heard of this brand before, so will be interested to see if they do other products with this scent. I love lavender you see! 

I also had a wonder into town today, I only went to pick something up, and ended up meandering into a couple of shops, one being Body Shop. After the Murad Primer in the last Glossy Box, I decided I needed a primer, and was advised, with my oily skin, that the colourless, matte it Primer may be suitable. I did love the texture of it when I tested it, and at £11, it is a lot more reasonable than the Murad primer. I will let you know how I get on with this. I also picked up another face base, I needed a refill, and I got a nude lip pencil. Make up was on 3 for 2 and then another 20% off, so I got all this for £20, which I think is pretty reasonable.

I also 'fell' into Topshop, on a mission for Rosie, but happened to notice the jewellery sale. I just picked up this bracelet and earrings for £1.50 each, so can't really grumble at that!

Another place I went on my travels today was HomeSense. I LOVE that shop. It has some wonderful things in it, and for crazy cheap prices! I have never seen insulated lunch bags before today, but I just had to have one! I thought it was so pretty, and quite reasonable for £7, it's like a neoprene material and is a really good size, ideal for college and work. I also got this sports bottle for £2.99, it has a detachable ice pack in the middle to keep your drinks cold, ideal for the hopefully warm summer! I plan on using my drink to keep the whole lunch bag cold.

I have been toying with the idea of reorganising my jewellery, and I think I found a solution in this over the door hanger, it was £9.99 and I love the blue jewels on it! I am going to spend this weekend re-organising my room, so I may take some pictures when I am done.

A treat for the ratty boys now. I didn't realise HomeSense did pet equipment. I have been looking for some sort of bed for them for a while, for when they are out on the sofa with me. I would have had a pink one, but felt mean as Stan and Ollie are obviously boys. So I got this uber soft bed for £12.99 (similar ones in Pets at Home were £25!) It is so soft! I want a bed just like this! The boys are in it now and seem to love it.

This product was a bit of a splurge, but it's something I am likely to keep for a long time. This set of drawers was £50. They are faux pink snake skin and is going to be my new jewellery, make-up and nail varnish case. What's brilliant is that Glossy Boxes stack two high and two side by side in each drawer, with some space left over, so there is plenty of room for organisation into boxes! I am starting to sort everything into it so I will probably take some pictures when I have done, after the weekend.

Well while I was in London for my interview, it would have been rude not to visit Harrods itself, so I did, and I treated myself to a pen :) Whilst in HomeSense I spotted this beautiful little notebook for £2.99 to keep in my handbag with my pen. I always wish I had a pen and paper on me and now I do :)

So there we have it! Quite a long post to make up for my 2 days off! I am going to see Spamalot tomorrow, so will probably be back on Thursday!

Toodles :)

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