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Friday, 10 February 2012

(OOTD) Top Five Friday's


So I got my two day stint of work out of the way, believe me it's harder than it looks working from home, almost too difficult not to get distracted, (or in my case fall asleep, so tired!). But I am done, my presentation is prepped, and I am looking forward to a lie in tomorrow!

So I'll start with today's OOTD:

Gilet- New Look, last Autumn
Paris Top: Peacocks, couple of years ago I think
Long Sleeved top- Primark I think, £3ish
(I have a vest on as well for warmth!)
Leggings- £3 Primark, last week.

Simple but warm!

So now to another feature I plan to make regular on the blog; Top Five Fridays. I love looking at Top Fives / Top 10s so I thought I would do my own once a week. So on Rosie's advice I am starting with my Top Five Rings. I don't have a collection as amazing as her's but it is growing...

So out of this little lot I have picked my favourite five.

Number Five is my long feather ring. It came from Browns in York in September and was around £2 in their jewellery sale. Since then Browns have stopped selling their jewellery, but it was from a concession that is also used by Dorothy Perkins and New Look. I love how it makes such a statement across the hand, and I like the sparkly!

Number Four is this lovely little owl that I got in Superdrug in their half price sale after Xmas. I think it was around £2. I love his little bow tie, big black eyes and jewel-y belly!

Number Three is another from Browns. This should have been £5 but I got it for £2.50 because it was damaged, (nothing a bit of super glue can't handle). I love the peacock design and the shiny jewels around the edge, I think it looks kind of like a quirky cameo. 

Number Two is one of my newest acquisitions, this really cute sailing boat ring. I blogged about it in my Manchester Haul, it was £2.50 from Primark. I love the combination of stripes, jewels, and bright colours and I thing this will get worn lots this year!

And Number One HAS to be my Panda ring from Irregular Choice. This was an Xmas present so I am not sure how much it was (I think around £8). I love how sparkly it is and I LOVE Panda's, I think I have an obsession, (think jumpers, bracelets, earrings, rings and teddies...)! 

Speaking of Panda's I am going to go and continue watching the Panda documentary on BBC2 now, and "sqee" at all the Panda's! They are so fluffy and cute it's unreal! 

Anyway, enough for now! Go watch the Panda's!

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