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Monday, 6 February 2012

Manchester Haul

So here we have it...The Manchester Haul!

This post will be picture heavy just to warn you :)(and I would also like to point out that you can enlarge pictures by clicking on them).

I won't faff around I will just get on with it. 

So the first thing I treated myself to is a Snow Patrol tour t-shirt, it was £20 and worth every penny :) It is black so it was a pain to take a picture of but the top photo is the front and the bottom one is the back.

So on the Saturday I did go shopping with a mission in mind: to find the shoes for my Harrods Interview. I happened to go into Jones, who were having a sale, and explained to the very helpful assistant what I was after. Because of my hip surgery I cannot walk in anything too high, so she helped me to find these BEAUTIFUL Ted Baker low stilettos! They are mostly matte leather with a patent heel section and stiletto. I love them lots, I am currently wearing them in so that they are comfy for the interview, but I am hoping to get a lot more wear out of them. They were £55 down from £110 which I think is a bargain! I also really like the Ted Baker packaging :) 

Gold Sole!! And I love the fact they carry the branding on, right on to the sole of the shoe! In case you can't see it says: "Ted says: 'It's all about the soul'"

(tiny stud on heel, says 'Ted Baker')

So after completing my shoe mission I headed on over to Primark, I don't have one where I live so I thought I would take advantage, even though the footpaths were like ice rinks by this point! I did manage to spend quite a lot in a short space of time...

Now everyone seems to be really big on skull scarves recently, and although I like skulls on jewellery etc, I just really couldn't buy one for myself as I just don't feel that it's all that 'me' and I would just be buying one for the sake of following the trend. So instead I opted for these mini scarves, £1.50 for them both! I love the bright colours and the horses and birds, I think I will tie these to my handbags, although I am tempted to wear them in my hair too!

Sort of continuing on the 'horsey' theme, I picked up this belt in both brown and black as I thought they would be good to add a bit of detail to a plain dress or long t-shirt. These were a mere £1 each in the Primark sale, just in case things aren't cheap enough, they are having a sale!

Also in the sale I picked up these woodland creatures hair pins, again for only £1.

This bird and feather hair slide was in the sale for £1 too! I love feathers and birds so I couldn't resist

 I also found I couldn't resist this either! I just love the little ship and the colours, and thanks to Rosie, I have gotten into rings lately, so I picked up this little gem for £2.

I found myself picking up this ring too. I have earrings that match so I just had to have it, and at £2 you can't really grumble!

Another couple of sale items now, this cute headband with feather charms was only £1...

...As were these wrap around bracelets.

The most expensive jewellery item I got was this gorgeous pocket watch necklace, which I still think was a steal at £4. I love the floral cover and the fact that it has the classic shape and style of an old pocket watch. I am also loving the really long chain.

I find you can never have too many skinny belts for just adding a bit of colour to your outfit, and these were in the sale for £1 (yes, that's for all 3!)

I swear that there has been some sort of monster stealing my long socks, and looking at the current weather, I thought these socks were a sensible investment at £1 a pair, they are lovely to wear and don't dig in your leg much (been wearing a pair under my trackies to keep my legs warm while I was out today!)

Sorry that things seem to be coming up in a random order, it's just how the photos have uploaded and I didn't think it mattered that much anyway...

After seeing a lot of YouTube videos with the Primark Aztec earrings in, I decided I might jump on this bandwagon. However, I could not find the earrings, but instead found these bangles. You get 7 for £5 which I thought was quite good, they feel pretty solid and not cheap, and you can wear them either randomly, or align them to make a cuff effect (can be seen in second photo).

My previously mentioned love of feathers encouraged me to buy these feathery hair clips, £1 in the sale.

These just tickled me and I had to have them. I love leopard print and quirky necklaces and at £2.50 I couldn't leave them there!

On to clothes now. I fell in love with this top as soon as I walked in. I love the scalloped neck and the birdy pattern and at £6 I had to have it. I can't wait to wear it in summer, but I might layer it up so I can wear it sooner.

Apart from buying my leggings from Select, I also like Primark's as they are cheap, fit pretty well and come in a million colours. I picked up a jersey blue pair and a green pair (they are actually greener than this, my camera is being stupid), for £3 each.

I have a love affair with patterned leggings so I HAD to have these for £6!

As, by this point, it had been snowing for the majority of the day, I thought it would be a good idea to get an umbrella. I have never had a tall umbrella before, sticking to ones I can fit in my handbag. However, this was £4 and was invaluable as I was using it as a walking stick as some points to keep my balance on the ice. And let's be fair, it's pretty damn cute and has one of those 'pop up' buttons that I enjoy immensely! 

These were actually the first thing I picked up. I love these lilac denim shorts (I picked up the patterned leggings to match them!). I had bought a couple of magazines for the train and had read that pastel colours are going to be all in this summer, so I thought these would be a good addition to my wardrobe, and besides most of the shorts I own are dark and I was looking for something a bit lighter. These were £5, which I think is very reasonable. I had to take a close-up of the button because I think it's lovely, and makes the shorts look higher quality. The top picture is a truer representation of the colour, the flash is pretty harsh on my camera.

So there we have it, all my goodies from Manchester. I think I was pretty well behaved considering no one was supervising me, (usually I need someone to tell me 'no').

Now I am going to prepare my dinner. I have been watching the 'Cook like Heston' series and it's inspired me to be all creative! 

I'll leave you with a question:

What trends are you excited for this spring summer?

Until next time... :)
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  1. Those shorts are pretty fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous colour.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Thank you! They have loads of colours in at the moment but I was taken with these! And these were actually the cheapest pair, I will be surprised if they stay in stock long once it starts getting warm again.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting, feels good to know people are reading :)


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