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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Glossy Box Review- January

Yes, I realise it's February, and yes I realise that most people have reviewed the January Glossy Box already, but this is my first ever box, and I am just so excited I wanted to share my love with you! 

So I am so very excited at the colour of this box! I do realise they are normally a baby pink but this one is so vibrant pink and it's amazing! I am thrilled as I was looking for a bigger box to store my bangles in, and this fits the job perfectly!

I love that this is so obviously a valentines themed box, the heart sticker is so cute, and I love the fact they used a grey ribbon, I think a pink one would have been too much, so good call!

So this is my box exactly as I opened it!

The first thing I pulled out is the Davines Moisturising Balm. First thing that struck me was the packaging, I love the label, I think it's beautiful. I am also pleased to see they proudly broadcast the fact they use 98% naturally derived ingredients, on the front of the tube. It's main ingredient is carthame oil, which, after a quick read around on the internet, comes highly recommended for skin and hair. It smells AMAZING, I notice some people are not too keen on the scent but I think it's lovely, I guess its the oil and it's quite a unique smell and I don't really know how to describe it. The instructions say that it can be used for body and hair, so I can't wait to try it for both. I did use a little bit on my hands and it felt lovely, it stayed on my hands for a while, but in a nice way, and the scent stayed for ages, which is a bonus for me. This tube is 75ml, half a full size one, which retails at £17.40. As yet, I don't know if I would pay that but I hope to let you know in a week or so after a couple of tests!

The next product I pulled out was the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner. I had not heard of this brand before but from reading other reviews I have seen that this company has had a rebrand and changed their prices. I am pleased to have the Emerald Green, that I have admired on other peoples reviews. I think the pencil is nice and soft, but I do have a very similar one from Helen E, which I got for free at the Clothes Show in November. So I had a quick compare price wise, the Eyeko is £9.50 and the Helen E is £8.00. I think the Eyeko is slightly softer but I like the fact that the Helen E has a smudger on the other end, I find the end of the Eyeko aesthetically pleasing, but I would prefer it to have a function. At the moment I don't think I would be prepare to pay £8 or £9 for an eye pencil, but in the future I think I would be more inclined to go with the Helen E eye pencils.

 After this I picked up the Davines Cleansing Nectar. This has the same natural ingredients and contains carthame oil like the moisturiser. It has the same beautiful smell and simple packaging. Because it's cloudy, it's hard to see the illustration on the back of the back label, that is supposed to show through the liquid, but I still think it's nice touch. This oil is also suitable for hair and body. The label recommends to use as a shampoo, so I will be interested in using this in conjunction with the moisturiser as a ultimate treat for my hair. I will be very impressed if these two products work wonders! The sample is 90ml, a full size bottle is 280ml and has a £18.50 price tag. I don't think I would buy this often (unless it is amazing), but if I like it I would maybe ask for it as a gift for my birthday or something. But we'll see...

Next is a brand that Rosie had already spoke to me about: FAB, First Aid Beauty. I am pleased to see that this product is suited for sensitive skin, so I will definitely be giving this a try. I love trying different body washes and things so I am looking forward to trying this. The sample bottle is 56.7g, and is a pretty decent sample size. A full size is 226.8g and costs £13.00. I don't think with a price tag like that I would be willing to pay that much for a body wash, students like to save pennies you see! And I would rather splurge on other products I am more excited about. I'll let you know.

Finally, a product I have seen in most other boxes this month is the Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer- Dewy Finish. Now I am not sure about the 'dewy' finish, but I did test this on my hand and I was pleased with the finish it gave. I was worried when I first splodged it on my hand that it was too dark, but it blended really well, like I said, didn't see much 'dew' though. I swear by my Touche Eclat for under my eyes but I have not really used a primer before, but as I tend to just use a powder instead of a foundation, this could be an interesting product for me. But at £29 for a 30ml bottle, (the sample is 5ml, and has a pump which I think is nice), I don't think this is probably the primer for me. 

One last touch in the Glossy Box this month is the cute boiled sweets and pink shredding. I love little promotional things like this, I think they add a little something extra to the box, and it's especially sweet that it fits with the valentines theme, AND that they have gone to the trouble to have their name in the sweets. As a marketing student I know the importance of keeping your company name in the forefront of the consumers mind, and techniques like this are great. I think amongst all the excitement of the samples it's important to remember who brought them to you in the first place!

So there we have it, my take on the January Glossy Box. I am so excited to have received the email saying that they are processing the next ones already! I can't wait!!

So my plan for the boxes is to introduce the products as soon as I get them, and then do a follow up post a week later, with a more informed opinion on the products. I think it's hard to form an opinion right away. I hope that you find this useful.

Anyway, I am working all day again tomorrow so I best go get some shut eye!

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