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Monday, 27 February 2012

(OOTD) Little bit of a room tour!

Right! Back to normal! Let's start with an OOTD.

(white vest underneath from Peacocks)
Shorts- Given to my by a friend
Leggings- Primark, £6

So seeing as though I have tidied my room, I thought I would do a kind of tour. Some peoples room are very minimalist or not, but do have a general theme. Mine however, doesn't. It is just a mish mash of everything I like, and that's the way I like it :)

(Apologies for the weird lighting my DSLR was playing up!)

The first picture is of my windowsill.

'L'- Joy, gift
Flowers- Poundworld
Flower Candles- from my Grandma's house

Next is my dressmakers mannequin. I bought her for £5 from the car boot and she just looked a little tired. I mentioned in my vintage post that I had picked up some fabric for her. I haven't sewed the fabric on. I have just pinned it in case I plan to use the fabric for something else. I have added the ribbon to use her as kind of a notice board, so I can slip papers under it etc. Of course I can pin things to her too, such as the little guardian angel pin she is sporting at the moment :)

I thought my new jewellery cabinet was looking a little bland so I moved some of my ornaments and my necklace lady onto it :) 

As for the drawers I have found other boxes and things to help me with my organising...

...And I finally I have a make up drawer! I know this need more organising, and I would love some vintage-y tins and things to sort everything into, but for now it can just be chaos! 

I also now have a pretty naked desk which is lovely. I am using my Ruby and Millie case as my mirror and essential make up storage (primer, powders etc). There is also a nice eye palette in there that I have been neglecting and I aim to use it more now :)

Stationary Storage! Oh and the Rome Series 1 DVD collection! Love a bit of Rome...

Curtain Rail! Nothing like a Sari, Lei and a bottle of flowers to spruce up your curtains.


Not forgetting my little scottish fairy. I picked it up in Edinburgh. I love it a lot!

Finally my bed, which will look much nicer once I have a headboard, which I am hoping to get and re-cover soon. Just need my dad to come back through so we can go have a rummage at Banana Warehouse!

As you can see, I quite like bears :)

So there we have it. I love looking at other peoples rooms and how they store / present things, so I hope that you like a good nosey too!

Also, today I have been applying for some jobs, so if anyone knows of any sales / retail jobs in the York area, give me a shout!

So that's it for today... Glossy Box review tomorrow!
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