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Friday, 17 February 2012

Top Five Fridays (Well I say 5, but, it turned into 12...)

So, not feeling too great at the moment, I think I am getting a little nervous for my upcoming interview! I am sure by Sunday I will be raring to go! So wish me luck!

So today is Friday, and therefore it's time for a top five: Necklaces. But, as I was trying to pick my list grew from five, to twelve, I just couldn't pick!

So there is kind of a general order, but some are in my favourites for sentimental value, rather than their fashion value, so I am going to start with these ones:

So I am classing the first two necklaces as 'one' because I always wear them together. The heart pendant was from my boyfriend for my 18th, the Australian Opal from my parents, and the other necklace, which says 'Friends are kisses sent to us by Angels' was from one of my best friends for my 21st. I love these necklaces dearly, they are so precious to me.

This necklace was a Xmas present from my brother when I was in Australia in 2008, he had it made for me. It's on quite a long chain which I love. As you can see, it says my name on a grain of rice within the pendant, and also contains a pink flower. It's so special to me, he let me pick the shape of the pendant and the colour of the flower, and this is one of those things that will stay with me forever.

Now to the first of the necklaces that my mum has made me. She likes to make glass jewellery and I was admiring this on her when I went home before Xmas. She then gave me this one and made herself another. I can't wait for next Xmas to wear it again!

This necklace has featured in my blog before; my Vivienne Westwood necklace from Rosie. I love this necklace so much! It's quite big and makes such a statement. I love the style of Vivienne Westwood jewellery and was thrilled to open this for my birthday last year :)

This necklace came from Camden Market a couple of years ago for around £3, the reason that this is so special is the pattern that the cube is in. My boyfriend can solve a Rubick's Cube really fast (26 seconds at one point!!) and he made this pattern just for me. If you can see it has an 'L' in, (yellow), and therefore it is precious :)

Now the second of the necklaces made by my mum. She hated this pice of glass. She didn't like the bubble and some of the fire paper had melted to the side and made it a little bit rough. She classed it as a reject; I wanted it. So she put it on this cord for me. I love it because you can wear it over bright colours and it just looks really awesome!

Moving onto a necklace that is both fashionable and sentimental. This was my Xmas present from my best friend Sam. This necklace is from Tatty Devine, I have still not looked at their website because I am scared I will want things. I love this little owl, I think its so cute and I like the fact that it's wood. I also love the little guitar pick in the chain, I think its a nice way to incorporate the logo onto the piece. This necklace is so easy to wear as it's lovely neutral colours, so thank you so much Sam :)

I have had this necklace for ages, but I still love this little Russian Doll. I got it in America in 2006 and I just love it so much, it's so cute and I have not seen one quite like it in the UK. I think it was around $5.

I bought this necklace from New Look last summer, and I have had so many comments on it. I bought it in the sale on the first day it came in the store. I was attracted to the mish mash of birds, leaves, coins, pearls and jewels that make up this lovely piece. You can't see very well on the picture but the jewels are a sort of petrol navy that catch the light brilliantly. I just love this necklace!  

This next necklace is simple and so pretty. It is all clear faceted beads linked with brushed gold hoops. I like the style of Rosary beads, but, not being religious, I didn't really want to wear some, so I was please to see this alternative in New Look, I think it was pretty cheap. It's another piece that is easy to wear with any colour or style.

My favourites collection wouldn't be complete without a Panda. I got this little guy Xmas 2010, I love the fact that his arms and head move, and that he has got little black crystals all over the dark sections. He is so cute!

 So the last necklace is a little more shiny, but is ideal for any top and any jewellery combo, owing to the fact it has gold, sliver, pearl and gunmetal strands of plastic beads. I really love how easy this necklace is to wear with almost anything, it just adds a bit of sparkle! I think it was from Internacionale or Select a couple of summers ago.

So there we have it, there's nothing really in here that is 'on trend' as such, but more things that I find useful and that are important to me. I hope you find my collection interesting. I do have a LOT more necklaces, and I do tend to buy them quite often. I just feel that this little collection are my absolute all time favourites....ever!

Anyway, best get some sleep, work all day tomorrow, then to London on Sunday!!!

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