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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

(OOTD, WLW) I like it... Simple :)

Won't hang about today, got a lot to fit in.

So we'll start with the OOTD, bit of a lazy one...

Batwing Jumper- Primark, ages ago, but I refuse to get rid because it's so snuggly!
Long-sleeved t-shirt- Primark, around £3
Belt- New Look, £2, post xmas sale, this year
Leggings- £10 Clothes Show Live, November.

I just needed warmth today, so the knitted leggings were perfect!

Anyway, on to my main purpose of today's blog, to express my love for a certain skincare brand. I can't remember how many years I have been using this brand, but since I have I don't think I have ever looked back. What brand is this you ask?

The answer is... Simple.

Below is my current collection of Simple products. Usually there are Simple baby wipes, exfoliating face wash and shower gel here, but I have currently run out. (I have also noticed I missed my Talc off this picture!)

So I have split the collection up into it's main categories. First being my daily routine. I always start my day with a shower, then cleanse, tone and moisturise. I also always use the Rapid Action Spot Zapper on my spots and always ALWAYS use the Revitalising Eye Roll On. I have found that not only does this make my eyes feel better on a morning, but it also keeps my winter dry skin / excema at bay.

I use the Simple Cleansing wipes on an evening, after my shower, to remove any left over make-up. I love the way the products make my skin feel, I have sensitive skin and there is nothing about these products that irritate my skin!

The next group are my go to's when my skin needs some extra help. Simple Derma is probably the heaviest moisturiser that I have ever used, perfect for when my skin is playing up. The eye make-up remover is so gentle and is ideal for after a heavy amount of make-up, it removes a lot more than the wipes alone. The Intensive hand cream is AMAZING, I cover my hands in it then apply cotton gloves to sleep in, I try to do this at least once a week. When I wake up my hands feel brilliantly smooth. And finally the rich moisturiser, normally I only use light because of my oily skin, but sometimes in winter your face needs some extra help after switching from the cold air to the warmth inside. It's fab!

Next is my shower kit. I have only recently started using the Simple Shampoo and Conditioner, after being recommended it by a pharmacist for my dry scalp. I wasn't that aware of Simple hair care before then, (I have since found out that my Grandma used it all the time), but I am so pleased I have found it. It makes my hair feel great and is keeping my dry scalp under control. I actually like the fact it is fragrance free (I feel the same about everything else too), as I sometimes feel scents can be overpowering and part of what irritates my skin.

The final two products on the picture are the Refreshing Face Wash and Deep Cleansing Face Mask. I have used the face wash for quite a while, and normally have the oil balancing exfoliating face wash as well (to use 3 times a week). I love the face washes, they make my skin feel refreshed and clean. I only tried the face mask today, which is what inspired me to make this post, because, the more products I try from Simple, the more of them I love. The face mask is light and feels great on the skin. Once I washed it off my skin felt so smooth and clean, I just applied a bit of light moisturiser over the top, (skipped my cleanse and tone, thought it was unnecessary), and I was good to go!

One last thing I have is my Simple Make-Up Bag. Rosie bought me a Simple gift set for Xmas, which I loved! It had a full size toner and moisturiser, and a pack of cleansing wipes, in, which I always love to have in abundant supply. I loved the bag so much it is now my every day make-up bag, it's such a good size!

So that's my ode to Simple, a brand I will probably be life-loyal to; their products are natural, reasonably priced and make my skin feel amazing!

So now for my Web-Link Wednesday feature. I have a few this week, so I will try and keep it brief.

The first, is one of my own creations, the Lucys Lil World Facebook Page! If you like the blog, and want to keep up to date with things in and out of the blog, please click 'Like' on here!

Also on Facebook, a very dear friend of mine has set up a group to promote her artwork. Please visit Charlotte's Art, to have a look at this girls talent, I promise she'll blow your socks off! And she's taking on work, so what are you waiting for?

Another Facebook, and from the creator of Rosie Sweet-Tree featured last week, also comes Lemon Flirt Jewellery. I have been an admirer of Lemon Flirt for quite some time, the quirky jewellery really appeals to me, and is at a reasonable price. I am going to treat myself at some point, I am just waiting for 'The One' to pop out at me, it's only a matter of time I am sure!

The last thing, which I am sure you will already be aware of if you are a Barbour fan, is the release of the Barbour Jackets with Liberty print linings, these can be seen here. I didn't really think I 'needed' a Barbour, until I saw these. There is something about the florals that says that I now need one of these in my life, for now I'll keep dreaming...

Anyway, that's it for today, probably turned out to be quite a long post, but I am working the next to days, then have the lovely Rosie coming to stay Saturday, so the next few posts should be short and sweet :)

See you soon :)

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