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Friday, 24 February 2012

(TFF) Variated Nails Attempt

So it's time for another Top Five Friday! And this time I have kept it to five you'll be pleased to know. Let's get started...

This week I have decided to look at hair accessories. I have a drawer full of the things but there are some that I do reach to more. Please bare in mind that the top five here represent the top five general styles I chose to wear, and it's likely that I have similar things in several colours!

So my number 5 has got to be my wire wrap around headband from Browns. I got it for £1.50 in the sale. I love leopard print so as soon as I saw it I had to have it! I find it really easy to wear now my hair is a bit longer. I also really like the fact that when it is twisted the ends look like a bow, as shown below.

Now I think I must have been a hippy in a previous life; I have always had a love for feathers, beads and bright colours. I just a had to have this feather and plaited cord head band from Primark when I saw it last summer. I think it was something ridiculously cheap like £1.50, I can't wait for some more sunshine to start wearing it again!

Remember I said I love leopard print?! I have had this bow for ages, and I will wear it time and time again. If I am wearing something quite neutral and plain, I can add a bit of something with this bow. I love bows! I have several of them, not just for hair accessories, in other jewellery styles too. I think this was from Primark too, and was around £1. This just had to be in my top five, you can wear it casually or with a more dressy outfit, I just love it!

Flowers! I love flowers, especially statement ones. I have quite a few but this one is my favourite. It was an xmas present this xmas just gone. I love the blue, (it's actually more turquoise in real life), and the gems in the middle just add some sparkle, everything I want in an accessory. 

But my number one accessory has to be this little hair slide. I love hair slides, I have lots, they just add a little something to an outfit. I love this one the most because I think the flower and the colour is beautiful. The fact it's pale means it will go with most things and just adds a touch of something different. Like I said, I am pretty sure I was a hippy at some point, so wearing flowers and things in my hair just comes naturally to me!

So that's the top five done for today. After seeing Sprinkle of Glitter's tutorial on variated nails, I thought I would have a go, but decided to use two colours instead.

I used e.l.f smokey brown underneath, and topped with a natural collection pale silvery blue (I would go check the name, but the bf just brought tea and home baked cookies over from the kitchen, so I am nom-ing :) ). Some of them have ended up looking pretty bad, the centre nail in this picture is definitely the best. It is starting to chip already though, which is not great, but I guess that's due to the amount of polish on the nail. Anyway, I thought I would share my attempt with you!

One last thing, during the writing of this post I had a phone call from Harrods, to tell me I was unsuccessful in my interview. I am fine about it, I am so proud to have even gotten that far, and the experience it has provided me with is so valuable. It has also made me realise that I am not really cut out to be a manager, I am much better working as part of a team, as I care too much what people think to be having to tell people off etc. 

So my plan now is to stick up in Yorkshire, and look for something in high-end sales here. I think London would have eaten me alive anyway! I will wait a while before I brave taking the plunge and moving there.

Anyway, one door closes, another opens, there is a job out there for me, I just have to find it!

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