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Monday, 13 February 2012

York Haul and Painted Nails

Good evening!

So first I just have to say a big 'Hello' to the people that I met at the vintage fair yesterday, who have told me they have had a look at the blog. It means a lot to know that they are pleased with what I wrote. I would also like to add a link to the Threadbear blog that was started today. The shop looks amazing, even more of the lovely-ness that was on display yesterday!

Moving on, I did say that I would blog about my none-vintage purchases today. But before that I would like to share another of my Tesco 99p nail varnishes with you! I know these have featured in a few posts, but the more I use them, the more impressed I am with them! This is Wild Cherry...

I put three coats on to get an intense colour, but I think two would have done it. I then topped it with Collection 2000 clear gloss to make it look ultra glossy! I do realise my nails look a little messy, I am still not a pro at nail varnish, or at lipstick apparently, but more on that later.

(Just to let you know it's quite a little 'haul')

So I haven't done an OOTD today, I wanted to this morning but I was running late for my meeting, (interview prep for Harrods...eek!). I did have my suit on, I wanted my tutor to check it was ok, and that the shirt I had bought was acceptable. So anyway, here is the suit, on hangers (apologies for bad pictures, camera was being stupid):

(Just in case you didn't gather, I bought it yesterday)

Blazer- New Look, should have been £22.99, but its 20% off for students at the moment!
Sheer Shirt- H&M, £19.99 (has a white spaghetti strap vest under, £2.49 from New Look)
Brooch- was a gift years ago, but never had chance to wear it!
Skirt- New Look, should have been 12.99, but again 20% off for students.

So all in all I am really pleased with my suit, I will make sure I get a picture in it next week! Then you'll get a better idea of how it looks. I am so nervous / excited for the interview. I am trying not to think about it for now!

Also from New Look I got some long sleeved t-shirts, these should have been two for £8 but again I got 20% off. I really like the peachy one, and I just think you can't have enough layers in this weather!

Thanks to being a Simple VIP (comment me if you want to be referred), I was sent a lovely voucher for £1 off Simple Shampoos and Conditioners (usually £2.54). Rosie and her friend also got vouchers but they don't use Simple hair products so kindly used them for me :)

My final purchase was quite a brave one for me... a lipstick! I have recently ordered one (along with a few other bits) from e.l.f. and I am so excited for it to arrive, but in the mean time I also spotted this lipstick from MUA (in shade 7), of course for £1. It's a little bit more orangey in real life than in the pictures. I am really pleased with it, I need to pluck up some courage to wear it, and probably learn how to use a lip pencil and how to apply lipstick, but I tested it out anyway. So excuse my appalling lipstick effort...

(I also want to mention that the end of these lipsticks do come off, and there is more product in there, I got mine off yesterday, forgot to take a photo, and clicked it back on again, and now I can't get it off! If I do I will post a picture)

 So there we have it for today. I really need to get on some lipstick tutorials I think. It's something I have always shied away from in the past, but there are such lovely colours around recently that I really want to be brave enough to wear lipstick a bit more.

Do you have any lipstick tips for me?

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  1. Pretty nails! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

    1. Hey! Thanks so much, I just put your blog on my reading list :) I see you have the same Primark ring as me! xx


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