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Sunday, 5 February 2012

(OOTD's) Manchester Trip!

So I'm back, and thankfully I didn't get stuck in the snow, but the amount of times I nearly feel is unreal!

So this is the first of the two posts about Manchester. I have decided to split it up so that it doesn't take over my home page, and so I have more to blog about tomorrow :)

I thought I would get the OOTD's out of the way first, because I need more time to take pictures of everything I bought! (Which I will be doing next whilst I catch up on Dancing on Ice from the last 2 weeks!)

So I didn't take a picture of Friday's outfit, basically because I am lazy and I knew I would be wearing it again to travel back in. Call that disgusting if you wish, but I am a student, and I have to economise, so I have to wear my clothes more than once before I wash them, deal with it :)

So we'll skip to Friday night for the Snow Patrol Concert, which was AMAZING, second time I have seen them and I can't decide which time was better! I loved it. Anyway, this is what I wore...

Shirt- £7 H&M in recent sale
Paper Bag Trousers- £7 H&M in recent sale
Boots- Amazon, can't remember how much, got them ages ago, but they are the comfiest things! Only problem with them is the lack of grip.

Worn over the top of this outfit, because it was so damn cold...
Faux Leather Jacket- Select, again I have had this ages so I can't remember the price
Scarf- I bought this in Paris a couple of years ago, I don't think it was expensive, but at that time, when it was -14 celsius, I would have given my left arm for it! (yes, left, I would be no good without my right!)

Not many accessories...

Double Strand Necklace with Bow- given to me by Rosie.

As for make-up, considering I was going to sit in a dark room, I just touched up what I already had on

 Cream, bronze and mint green shimmer cubes.

 I was already briefed that this weekend would be cold, so I had picked an outfit baring this in mind!

Cardigan- New Look, sale last year
Shirt- I think Dorothy Perkins in the sale at some point
Skinnies- H&M, I think they were about £10 in the sale.
Socks (for under the boots mentioned before)- Factory Outlet. (I love these socks, they are thermal and so warm, and cute!)

Make-up (you will see that shimmer cubes are essential to my life)

 Cream base, dark brown and bronze shimmer cubes.

So finally for my 'travelling outfit', again I took the cold into account.

Cardigan- Ark, around £20
Long-Sleeved Striped T-Shirt- Next Outlet, something silly like £2
Vest (with cool Bamboo back detail seen above)- bought when I was in USA years ago, I love the colour and the back!
Jeggings- Internacionale, I have mentioned these before
Comfy Comfy Boots :)

(I also had a different coat but I didn't take any pictures outside because it was too cold!)

Cream base, bronze and darker turquoise shimmer cubes.

Accessories, I added the other 2 necklaces after the photo was taken...

 Top Left: Robot Girl long necklace- Topshop Sale, can't remember how much
Top Right: Owl- Tatty Devine, present from my best friend for Xmas 
Bottom: Bow mid length- Isabel Wong, free gift at Fash Mob York. (I love her stuff, I have 3 necklaces, a ring, a top and a dress!)

So there we have it for this weekend's outfits. Tomorrow I will post about my haul, and believe me, it's a good haul!

But for now, I will get snap happy taking photos of my goodies, finishing munching the chocolate fingers that I have just been left with (bad idea!) and will get fully caught up with Dancing on Ice. I will leave you with this...

Amazing night, amazing shopping, all in all, an amazing weekend!

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