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Thursday, 16 February 2012

(OOTD) January Glossy Box Update

Evening all!

Will get straight to it today with an OOTD:

Top- Primark £6
Long-sleeved t-shirt- New Look £4
Cardigan- New Look Sale, last year, £8
Shorts- H&M ages ago, the are getting more and more battered and I like them more and more!
Leggings- Select £4
Shoes- Ted Baker, £55 (wearing them in!)

Had a bit of a mad day! My washing machine broke, then I decided to fix it myself and got covered in smelly water... lovely. And apart from that I just had a mental cleaning spree and ran some errands.

So I did say that I would review my Glossy Box again after trying all the products, so here we have it. I am going to use the same pictures again because I really didn't see the point of doing a whole new set of photos...

I am going to review these two products together, as I used them together. First of all, I really do like the scent. I think it's unusual and it did last on my hair for the rest of the evening after I used it, which I liked. I used the Davines Cleansing Nectar first as a body and hair wash, and then used the Moisturising Balm as a hair mask. Although they feel nice on the hair, they didn't really leave a lasting effect, my hair felt no different then when I wash it with my Simple Shampoo and Conditioner. I am happy to use the samples of this product, but if I had paid £17.40 for the Balm and £18.25 for the Nectar I think I would be disappointed. 

The next product is the Eyeko Eyeliner. I really like this product, it is soft and easy to apply. I did say when I did my original review that I have very similar product from Helen É and that I find that both are a little expensive, when there are other brands that are selling very similar products for a fraction of the price, so I don't think I would be purchasing one of these eye liners any time soon.

So, moving on the the FAB body wash. I thought this product had quite a strange lather, it seemed to be really thick on the skin where it first made contact (I hope this makes sense). I like the fact that it is scentless. However, there was no 'wow my skin feels so much different!' If I had paid £10, I think I would be disappointed, Simple do just as good, if not better job, if you ask me.

Now, although this primer is slightly dark for my skin, (if I had a tan it would be great!), I really do like it. I think my skin did look a lot better with a primer under my powder. There is a bit but, to the tune of £29! I do spend £25 on my Touche Éclat, but I really do consider this my one luxury splurge. This product has encouraged me to look for a primer, but more on a student budget... I will let you know how I get on. If I had the money and could get the right shade, I would be tempted to treat myself to a full size version of this product.

Oh, and the sweet was really yummy :) Thanks Glossy Box!

Ok so there we have it. What I have learned is that I can be really fussy! These are just my opinions, I am sure other people have had completely different experiences with these products. If you have, please share, maybe I am missing something. I am looking forward to seeing what the next box brings... delivery starts tomorrow... so excited!

One last thing, just thought I would share one of my baking 'wins' with you, my Mississippi Mud Pie...

It's a bit of a beast! But it tastes bloody good :)

Anyway, work tomorrow, then a Top Five Friday, so see you then!
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