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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

(OOTD) (WLW) Another (smaller) Haul!

Good evening! 

Right, after another lousy night's sleep I am going to get things done earlier in the evening so I can chill out!

So here's the OOTD:

Black T-shirt- Bay, years ago
Leggings- Select £3 post Xmas Sale

Just been lazing around and getting some college work done, so wanted something comfy, and this fit the bill nicely.

So another exciting box from arrived today. There was a lot less in this one, and one thing I can't show because it's a mothers day present and I know she sometimes reads my blog (Hi Mum!)

So here is the first of the two things I can show. I just HAD to have this jumper, I think it's amazing, and I can't believe how soft it is! It's like cashmere. Unbelievable quality for £5. I got the M/L and I am glad because this fits brilliantly.

And the next item is the reason I made the order in the first place. I saw these boots on the Everything 5 Pounds Facebook Page and I had to get a pair. I love the colour and the chain detail. These boots go above and beyond my expectations, I can not believe how soft they are! The heel is a perfect height, as you know I am not brilliant in heels but I feel confident in wearing these. I went back on the website to try and order these in other colours but they have completely sold out! I am not surprised at all, for £5 I wish I had ordered the others now! 

So a very small haul, but I was excited non-the-less. I am once again pleased with the speed of the delivery and the quality from this company and I will definitely be shopping there again. 

Has anyone else used What did you think?

I'm at work tomorrow, so will be spending some time tweaking the blog banner and things, so keep an eye out!


Edit: I for got to do my Web-Link Wednesday! I would like to draw your attention to Jessicas Butterflies, a charity promoting awareness of losing a young child. This charity is run by a friend of a friend and she recommended that I take a look at the regular auctions that they organise to raise money for the organisation. One of the auctions has just finished but no doubt there will be more. There were some great things on there so it's definitely worth a look. So please, like the page, and keep looking out for further auctions, there are some great bargains. It's a great cause too, the story of how the charity came to be is very moving. So yeah, like and share :)
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