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Saturday, 3 March 2012

(OOTD)(TFF) So last night... I fell into Topshop...HAUL!!!!

Evening, (well nearly midnight but oh well!)

Sorry for my absence last night, I went to a seminar and also ended up at a TopShop event!

But I won't dilly dally, as we have a lot to get through, OOTD, Haul and a Top Five Friday!

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt- New Look £3
Dress- Pussycat, sale
Belt- Select (came on a skirt)
Leggings- Primark £3
Necklace- New Look, £2

So that's today done, and now for last night. So although the seminar was a bit of a giant sales pitch, I did end up going to the TopShop Event, which I only discovered yesterday. So this was TopShop's Pastel Party, pretty much promoting this seasons pastel trend. Think Rose Lemonade, macaroons, free pastel nail varnishes, free makeovers and a DJ, and you kind of get the atmosphere. But I was surprised there was not more people there, you missed out! Anyway, I did get a few bits and pieces....

Top Left- Nail Varnishes
Top Right- Eyelash Curlers
Bottom Left- Tweezers
Middle- Balm
Bottom Right- Nail Art Pen

From Left to Right- Celestial £5, Mermaid £6, Waterlily (free with QR code) 

Balm in Rose £4, Nail Art Pen in Ballerina £6.50

Tweezers £4, Eyelash Curlers £5

Crocheted Top £12 in sale 

Knitted and Lace Jumper £18 in sale

Aaaaand, because I spent £50 *cough* I got a free sparkly clutch bag, and it's very very pretty!

(I should also add that I got my 10% student discount on all full priced items)

So another thing for today is that I tested out some of my products:

Nail Varnish- TopShop Celestial
Nail Art Pen in Ballerina (yes I realise it looks like a 4 year old drew the flower...)

And FINALLY my Top-Five Friday (I do realise it's past midnight but shhhh!)

Today I am doing a bit of a Geeky Top-Five- My Top-Five Mac Apps! Just some little tools I find useful or entertaining! All of these can be found by searching the titles in the Mac App Store. 

1. Angry Birds- Well, enough said really, who doesn't love firing birds at pigs?? (has free and paid versions)

2. Mind Node- Not for everyone, but I find this mind-map app really useful for my work. I think it would be useful for those taking creative subjects at school / college, or those who just like to mind-map a lot! (Free)

3. Caffeine- Useful for keeping your Mac awake for a long time, such as if you are reading and not moving the Mac a lot. I find it helps with making my printer work, as it stops the screen from going to sleep. (Free)

4. Screen Snake- The classic Nokia game, on your Mac screen, what's not awesome about that?!?!(Free)

5. iDisplay- use your iPad as an external screen over wifi (obviously this is not great if you don't have an iPad, sorry!). I have found this useful to have academic journals open on the iPad screen and typing into Word on the Mac. Also useful for keeping Facebook or something open on whilst blogging, so you don't have to keep switching windows. It's slightly slow, but I think that depends on your internet connection. (I think this was £3.99)

So yeah there we have it for today. I am staying in Sheffield tonight with my best friend Sam, she is new to blogging so go an have a look and give her some support :)

We're hitting Meadowhall tomorrow, this could be traumatic for my bank balance, I will have to try and be good....

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