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Friday, 30 March 2012

(OOTD) I only went for some hand soap and Event tickets!

Good (very late) evening!

I have had such a busy day! I have literally just had the time to sit down and blog. But I am going away until Tuesday so I thought I better leave you something to be reading! I will blog from home, over the weekend, if I have a chance, but I will be at a spa from Sunday - Tuesday, and I can't wait!

So I was checking in with whats going on with the Micklegate Street Party, and that started my mammoth walk. After a meander down there I ended up walking into town. 

For a start, this is what I wore...

Jumper- Topshop Sale, £18
Dress- Next Outlet, £2
Leggings- Select, £4

Kept it simple for today. But my nails are covered in sparkles!

This is Stargazer in 146, I think I put about 4 coats on to get this much glitter, but I am pleased with the effect!

Anyway, back to the shopping muhahaha!

I should start by saying that I went to town for a small number of things, all of which I did get, but... I also got added bonuses! 

So the first place I visited was H&M, I was on the hunt for a bikini for the spa you see. I did get 3 things but I bought one with my mum in mind, and she likes it, so it looks like it will be going to her (note, none of these were a bikini)...

The Chinese style dress looks lovely on, especially with the sash around, as I prefer dresses to be gathered on my waist. It is a nice length and I think it's something that I could wear to the races, (I plan to go this year!).

The skirt is a midi length, but could either be warn with boots or sandals, so I think it's something I will reach for a lot. It's a lovely soft cotton and it's a bit darker in real life. 

Both of these items were £7 in the sale, yes, that is all, £7 each, bargain!

The next place I visited was Dorothy Perkins, again with a bikini in mind. Alas, no bikini, BUT, hello jewellery sale!

Both of these collar necklaces were £3 each. I have been after one for a while, but was refusing to pay a ridiculous price. I was thrilled to see these. I love the simplicity of the silver one, but the multi-colour metal one makes it so versatile. I am one happy lady anyway!

 So now for a couple of bracelets and a ring. I instantly fell in love with the filagree (?) bracelet on the left. This was £3 and I think it's great! And I LOVE the finger armour for a measly ONE POUND! Now the bracelet on the right has not come out very well on camera, but the jewels look like they are covered in petrol, and are beautiful, this was also £3. 

The two final pieces of jewellery are this key ring (haha!) and these lovely feather earrings, both were £3. The ring is a three finger ring, some people don't like these but it really doesn't bother me. I was lusting after they key jewellery that Swarovski were doing at Xmas, so this is a much cheaper alternative :) Also, the earring are incredibly light, so I am looking forward to wearing them.

So then I mooched into Boots for some things I actually needed, and some I didn't!

Boots are having two HUGE promotions at the moment, one across hair care, and one across beauty and nails, so it would have been rude not to really!

So in the hair care offer I stocked up on my favourite Aussie Dual Personality Spray, I think this is around £4.50 a bottle. I also got some new hair dye, now this looks very orange, and I am kind of hoping it will be, but I am guessing it will just lighten my hair, which will be nice for spring / summer.

And in the other offer I just went for nails. I was after a base coat and some new nail polish remover anyway, so I just had one more thing to get. And there it was... I had looked around a couple of times, and hadn't realise that Max Factor was in the offer. But as soon as I saw Fantasy Fire I knew that I was getting it! I have seen it other blogs and I love how it looks. I think it was £3.99. The bottle is tiny and I probably wouldn't have got it if the offer wasn't on, but hey, that's what offers are for!

Another thing I actually was in town for was tickets for the Browns Department Store Fashion & Beauty Party, hosted by Estee Lauder, for the Alzheimer's Socitey. The evening is to be held next Wednesday and starts at 6:30. My mum and sister and I are going, and we can't wait! I have also asked if I can blog about the event and take some pictures, and so far it's looking good! I find out tomorrow...

And FINALLY, I went to New Look, still looking for the illusive bikini. I think I visited around 7 shops in total looking for one. But New Look had what I was looking for!

Because I am quite chesty I had to look for a proper 'bra' style top, and these are harder to find than you would think, and even harder to find with a reasonable price tag. But I love this one, it fits well and I love the pattern it's quite neutral and I think it will look good with a tan. With my student discount the set came to around £20, which overall I think is reasonable, considering in other stores just the top was going to cost me £18-£20!

So there we have it for my haul. Safe to say I need to stay away from town again!

If I don't see you before, see you Tuesday :D

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  1. The bikini looks gorgeous Luce! :D Also me and the girls are planning a trip to York races for my birthday, as Ascot would be a bit far like we did for Yells last year. So that gives an opportunity to wear your dress :P xxx

    1. Thank you! It fit really well.

      Oh awesome! That will be so cool :) looking forward to it xxx


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