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Monday, 12 March 2012

(OOTD) No, it's still not ready...


So we are still waiting in suspense for the York Does Vintage post, I am sorry! Honestly, it will be worth the wait! (Or I hope so anyway!) I am waiting on a new fan-dangled feature from Apple to work, and hopefully it will blow your socks off!

Hopefully things will be ready for tomorrow. But for now, here's a very quick OOTD...

Vest- Primark, £5
Jegging Shorts- Select, £8
Leggings- Select, £4


Necklace- I think BHS, about £2, I am gutted, there was a gold swallow on here too and it fell off today and I don't know where it is! I am going to try and get something to replace it!

Feather Strand- Matalan, £2

On another note, my Glossy Box was supposed to arrive today, but the bf was in the shower when they tried to deliver it, and I was at college, waaa! But on a positive note I got some Cadbury's Philadelphia from Tesco, if you've not tried it, do it, do it now! It's amazing! It tastes just like chocolate cheesecake, especially on digestive biccies :)

I am going to pick the Glossy Box up tomorrow, after my eye test, I may be sporting some new glasses. I have been having headaches for weeks, so I think I will be getting new ones.

Anyway, please stick around for the York Does Vintage post, I haven't forgotten about it! I just hope the post for next weeks' vintage fair isn't as traumatic!

(P.s. is the blog too wide now?? I have had to widen it to make room for the YDV post, but if it's a pain I will try and edit it...again!)
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