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Thursday, 8 March 2012

(OOTD's)(WLW) An unexpected treasure of a shop!

Evening all!

I hope everyone is well. I just got my iPhone 4S today so have been asking Siri lots of questions! I am loving it so far!

So the first OOTD is for the House of Colour event I attended last night. It is always an interesting event, and it's nice to show the Bill Baber collection to prospective customers. And the lovely bonus was a fabulous meal at the Olive Tree in York! Anyway, here is the outfit:

Turtle Neck- Primark, £4
Tunic- Bill Baber, around £49 in sale
Scarf- Primark, £4 I think
Leggings- Primark, £6

Swallow Necklace- Miss Selfridge, £2
Feather Earrings- Miss Selfridge, £2
Binocular Bag- Primark, £3
Seahorse Bangle- Primark, I think it was around £2 last summer

So today while I was waiting for my phone contract to be sorted out, I went for a little wander. I went to Boots intending to order my Chanel Les Ombres Eye Palette, but unfortunately the one I am after was out of stock. I have been saving all my points since I first got the card, and I now only have to pay £4 towards my palette! I can't wait! Anyway, while I was there I was admiring the nails of the lady who was serving me. I was expecting her to point me to somewhere in Boots that I could buy the nail varnish. Instead she pointed me to a shop called 'Zest' that was just over the road. 

For those who are in the York area this shop is near Superdrug in the centre, pretty much next-door to Thomas the Baker, opposite TK Maxx, (if you can't find it now I give up!). 

They don't currently have a website, but its in the pipeline. When they get one I suggest EVERYONE has a look. This shop is an Aladdin's cave of beauty products and perfumes. I have never seen anything like it! I have been after some cheap and cheerful glitter polishes for a while, and now I have ended up with 4!...

Top Left- Star Gazer in colour 146, £1.99
Top Right- Saffron London in colour 03, 99p
Bottom Left- La Femme Beauty in colour Sapphire 18 (I think that's what it says, it's very hard to read on the bottle), 99p
Bottom Right- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in colour Disco Ball, £1.50

Can you actually believe those prices?!?! Especially the Sally Hansen one! They also had Calvin Klein Nail Varnishes for around £2, and fine line nail pens for similar prices. I will definitely be going here again, not just for nail varnishes, but for make up and perfume too!

I also ended up in Poundworld, and picked up a couple of bits and pieces. I am always pleasantly surprised with the variety of things you can find in there. 

The first thing I picked up were a couple of these Lilac scented candles. I couldn't leave them there, they smell beautiful :) I am looking forward to lighting these in my room. I am working through my candle collection, but they make nice ornaments anyway :) 

I also spotted this lilac and lavender oil, it smells divine! I just need to find an oil burner now! I got two packs of this, as there was only two left, and I love lavender a lot! 

Continuing with the lavender theme, I got these incense sticks. I hope these smell as nice as everything else, I haven't opened them yet!

So I also picked up the usual chocolate and bits and pieces that are always cheap and cheerful in Poundlands / Poundworlds. Not that exciting really.

And here's today's OOTD...

Jacket- Ark, £15
Cream T-Shirt- TopShop, £12 in sale
Coral Vest- H&M, £4
Leggings- Primark, £6 (I am seriously in love with these leggings!)
Peace Rosary Necklace- Matalan, £2.50

Finally, I know it's no longer Wednesday, but it's very important that I do one this week, to make you aware of my lovely best friend Sam's Blog- Pi is Good But Pie is Better. Sam studies maths, and likes to bake, hence the title of this blog. She's going to be posting pictures and recipes of her wonderful creations, don't worry, I think the only maths will be the quantities of the ingredients! Anyway, give her some support and have a look, you never know, you might see something you want to try yourself. Believe me, it tastes as good as it looks!

The other website that you should have a look at, especially if you are an vintage lover is The Vintage Emporium's site. I visited the shop the other day, (I posted about it), and their website tells you a bit more about the shop, and how they are developing their website for sales. This shop sells vintage wedding dresses too, so if you are looking for something a bit different, this could be the place for you. Anyway, take a look, the layout of the website is lovely!

That's all for today. Got my interview tomorrow, so wish me luck!

EDIT: I got instagram! Follow me on @lucyslilworld :)
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  1. Love both OOTD! want a new hoodie! And im so going to that Zest shop!!!

    1. I think we will live in Zest tbh! xx

  2. Hey! Thanks for mentioning my blog, I am hoping to crack on with another post tonight :)
    I'm loving the glittery nail varnishes and the hoody in the outfit of the day! Might have to take a trip to York.
    Another thing, you know you want to buy your Chanel with your Boots points, you can't put your Boots points towards something :( you have to have enough to buy the whole basket. I found that out once when I was 11p short for a mascara! sooo annoying!

    1. No worries my love, your posts are awesome and make me hungry!

      Yes come to York, we can go to Zest and buy all sorts! The sale in Ark has disappeared now, but I think it's still online and there is free postage!

      And OMG how annoying, that means I STILL need to spend like £100 before I have enough points, might as well wait for the new ones to come out next year now! That's shit. I might just blow it on a load of other make up instead, I would say some Real Techniques Brushes, but I just bought Body Shop ones.... UGH!


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