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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

(OOTD) The shops took advantage of my good mood!

Good evening all!

So with today's sunshine in mind I went for quite a bright and cheery ensemble:

Jacket- Vintage, inherited from Grandma
Black Vest Top- Primark, £2
Belt- Select, came free on a skirt
Leggings- French Connection Outlet, £5

And for the accessories...

Red and Gold Bracelet- Carboot Sale I think it was £3
Blue Bangle- New Look, part of an £8 set
Ring- Matalan, £2.50
Bottle Necklace- Matalan, £2.50
Russian Doll Necklace- Bought in America for around $5 I think

 I also took these sunglasses out with me, these were £1 from New Look...

So on my travels today, I went over to the Vintage Emporium on Fishergate in York. It's the other side of town to where I usually am, so I enjoyed a walk around the walls in the sunshine. The shop is amazing! It's full of not just vintage clothes, but accessories, houseware and general vintage bits and bobs, it's an Aladdin's cave, and you could spend forever in there! I spent a good while talking to the lovely lady in there, (I forget her name, so if you are reading I am sorry, but it was lovely to meet you!) After a good look around I decided to treat myself to a couple of vintage tins, I have been looking for one or two for my desk to sort some make-up into. I spotted these two vintage Quality Street tins in different parts of the shop, (I like a good rummage), and am really pleased to have a pair. I know they are different, but I like the fact they are for the same product and therefore share a colour scheme. And besides, who doesn't love a Quality Street?? These were £5 each, which some may say is pricey, but I think for a piece of the history of chocolate it's pretty reasonable. I think I will put lipsticks into one, and some of my eyeshadows into another. I am just looking forward to a splash of colour on my desk. 

I also went to Ark today, I only bought a couple of things, I am trying not to buy things for a while. But I did need a bandeaux top for when I wear my backless dress, and I decided to buy one for £5.99 in Ark, instead of going to New Look for a cheaper one, because I would probably end up spending up more in the sale.

I also treated myself to this hoodie. I have admired this style for a while, but thought that they were quite expensive for what they were. This one was £15 in the sale, and I was freezing, so I bought it and wore it home!

This is so soft it's unreal!

I also managed to find myself in Miss Selfridge. After their amazing sale in Sheffield I thought I would have a look at what was here. I only got a couple of bits. Once again all sale jewellery was buy one get one half price.

So first I picked up these earrings for £2. I have wanted some feather earrings for a while, and these are really light so I think I will be able to wear them without making my ears sore.

I saw this ring in Sheffield but they only had it in a small, and I was thrilled to see it in my size in York. I had to take a picture of it on my finger, because it didn't photograph well on the card. It's still a little blurry but I think it's because it's so shiny. I think this was £3 in the sale, and I think it's so funny and cute!

I also picked up this headband, partly because I am very intrigued by it. The oval sits at the front of the head and the feathers hang down the sides. I think it will look very 'hippie' like, for summer, and I say that in the most excitable way, I think I should have been a hippie!

Finally I picked up these spike earrings, which give the impression that you have your ears plugged. I would never do that, not that I don't like it on other people, just that I would rather wear normal earrings most of the time. These were £3, and are quite 'on trend' with all the spikes and grungy crosses and chains that seem to be on the scene lately.

So there we have it. I am at college all day tomorrow, and then I am attending the House of Colour event with work tomorrow night, so I probably won't have chance to post, but you never know. 

I am getting my iPhone on Thursday! So expect an excitable post about that!

See you soon :)

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