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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Photography + Fashion = Ness & Pepper

Afternoon everyone!

Quite a short post today, but I just had to draw your attention to these lovely scarves I came across on my Facebook browsing travels. 

These beautiful scarves are created by Vanessa Warren, an award winning photographer who has combined her photographic skills, with soft Chinese silks to create wearable photography. 

'Femininity and romanticism' are created through 'drapery and texture', and to me, this blend of photography and fashion is simply wonderful!

The images used are stunning; florals, space and dancers. I think these scarves are extremely wearable and boast a beautiful colour palette which could see you through every season. My favourites are Double Act and Amazon Lillies, bottom left and right respectively. The full image on the Double Act scarf depicts the movements of a dancer, and I think the colours of this piece are very dreamlike, and are perfect for this spring!

Prices start from £125, which, for something as unique as this, I think is quite reasonable. Each scarf comes gift wrapped in a box that can be used to store your scarf in, something as special as this needs looking after!

For more information about Vanessa and her wonderful scarves please visit:

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