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Friday, 23 March 2012

A little blogging break

Good Afternoon!

So this weekend is very very busy for me, as was yesterday, hence the lack of a post. I went out to the pub yesterday evening with the bf, my dad and my uncle, and to cut a long story short, I don't remember the latter part of the evening...

So I have had an interview today, am now in my pyjamas, and I still feel hungover. I am resting tonight and am going for another part of my interview tomorrow. Then Mum, Rosie and my brother are arriving to celebrate the lovely Rosie's 18th, which is on Sunday. So we're having a fun filled family weekend.

Obviously this leaves little time for blogging. But fear not, I will be back on Monday.

So I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I will see you soon!

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