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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

(WLW) Marble Nails, first attempt! And some naughty fruit!

Good Evening!

So today I decided to have a go at the marble nails that I linked to in my post on Monday. 

Believe me, this is a messy task, I was covered in it at first. I nearly gave up, but decided to look for Youtube tutorials and found Simple Little Pleasues and her amazing water marble tutorials, and suddenly everything in Chloe's tutorial made sense. I think sometimes you have to see something to fully understand it. I didn't realise I had to fully dunk the nail into the water, rather than sitting it on the top, and that you could do more than one nail at once to save on polish. I probably wasted a lot of product, but once I got the hang I don't think you use much more than if you were painting your nails. Anyway, here is what I used, and the results...

Collection 200 Top Coat, Barry M NP 308, Models Own Beth's Blue,  Natural Collection Antique Coral
I started with a base coat of Beth's Blue and then started the marbling! I dunked the three middle fingers together, and the pinkie and thumb together. The latter is a little fiddly, because you need to use quite a small pot to stop the polish from moving around in the water. And make sure you use room temperature filtered water, seriously, filtered people!

My Mess! Oh and use a cocktail stick instead of a pencil.
So I am pleased with the results, but I would say that more opaque colours work better, so next time I will probably be likely to use either Barry M or Models Own rather than Natural Collection, as they seem to be quite thin.

On to Web-Link Wednesday now, and I am very excited to tell you about Two Bad Bananas, from the same creator of the lovely TwoPenny Lane range. Two Bad Banana's is some of the cutest, loveliest, adorable-est (yes, it is a word!) jewellery I have seen! I will let the pictures do the talking...

As you know,  I love Panda's!

And I am a Mario Geek!

The Two Bad Banana's Themselves, Frank and Terry!

I picked these last two to show you for their unbelievable cuteness!

So Frank, Terry and their cute-i-ful friends can be found at, where there is also more information about their lovely creator Cat, and about Frank and Terry's life ambitions, they sounds like an exciting bunch, (bunch...get it!). And if anyone would like to buy me a gift, I love everything, especially the Panda's!

Anyway folks that's all for tonight, but I will leave you with a question (or two)...

Did you watch The Apprentice? Do you agree with who was fired? (I do, she wouldn't bloody shut up!)

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