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Friday, 16 March 2012

(TFF) Patterned Leggings!

Good Evening!

Going to try and keep this short today, been feeling a bit poorly so it's going to be bath and bed for me shortly. I missed last week's Top Five Friday so I thought I better get back on track with one today. 

Now, as you can probably tell from my OOTD's, I like a good pattern. And one of my favourite ways to add pattern to my outfits is through my leggings. I didn't actually realise how many pairs of patterned leggings I had until I had a look for this post, (which is why a sneaky 6th pair ended up in the list), but I am pleased because no two are really that similar.

Anyway... bring on the leggings! Some were bought recently (Primark) some were over the last couple of years, and some were gifts, so I am unsure which are still available to buy. I would also add that the New Look ones are sheer, and are kind of like footless tights, but I would class them as leggings because of the fit.

Primark £6.00 Select £3.00 French Connection Outlet £5.00

New Look Sale
I think around £5
Xmas Present 2
years ago (Ebay)
Irregular Choice (Xmas Present)

(the Irregular Choice pair 'appeared' after the original picture was taken, but I HAD to include them, I love love love the pink stripe!)

I found it hard to put these into an order, so interpret it how you will, I love all of these leggings a lot :)

So, the bf has popped a toad in the hole in the oven, then a nice hot bath and bed time I think, hopefully tomorrow I will have the energy to get on with my college assignment!

I hope my legging collection has inspired you to get some patterned leggings out and go wild! I like to wear them with big jumpers or cardigans. I also will wear plain, or patterned tops with them, depending on if I feel like clashing or not. No doubt you will see them in more OOTDs soon.

Anyway, time for dinner, hopefully will have time to post tomorrow, but if not it's The York Vintage Fair on Sunday, so, now I know how to format those posts, I should have something ready on Sunday night!

Until next time... :)

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