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Monday, 5 March 2012

I went in for a bottle of milk and some butter....

... and found that Tesco was having a clothing sale, so naturally I had to have a nosey! So much for the groceries, don't worry, I bought those too!

So here is my first bargain, this turquoise sheer shirt was only £4, instead of £14 full price, I am thinking I might wear this for my interview on Friday, with something else I bought today. 

I also picked up these wide leg trousers for £7. I have been looking for some plain black trousers for a while, but have not seen any that I have really liked, until now. These should have also been £18.

When I was in Primark at the weekend, I was disappointed that I could not find some brushed cotton pyjama bottoms. But Tesco had these at £4 a pair, and at half price, it made sense to buy two!

When at my assessment day for Harrods I was admiring another of the interviewees suit dress. This garment is what started the interest in the Tesco sale. My camera has not managed to pick up the pinstripe or any of the detail of this dress, (stupid camera), but I love it, this is what I plan to wear for the interview on Friday, with the shirt underneath. I do need to test what it will look like, so my plans may change. 

I have been after a snood for a while, but as (hopefully) the weather is warming up I was looking for something a bit lighter. This one was £3 in the sale. I like the silver running through it, I love a good bit of sparkle :)

And finally, probably the biggest bargain of the day, this playsuit. It was *wait for it*..... TWO POUNDS! Yes, £2. Down from £18, can you believe it?!?!?!

So yeah, I definitely need to stay away from clothing establishments for a long time now! Say, until summer?!?!

I need places to stop having sales! Seriously, you'll be the downfall of me!

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