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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Oops...another haul!


So I kind of accidentally went back into town this week, but in my defence I did get exactly what I was looking for. I won't hang about and we'll just get straight into what I bought:

Dress- Bliss,  £8
Skater skirt- H&M,  £12.99

2 strand necklace- New Look,  £3
Midi Skirt- New Look,  £7.99
Filer- Paperchase, £7
Long Vest- H&M,  £3.99
Joni Jeans- TopShop, £36 (but got student discount!)

Peplum Top- New Look, £9.99
Rose Gold Skull T-Bar- TopShop,  £1.50 (got  student discount!)
Snood- TopShop, £8 in sale (got student discount!)
So yeah, I have pretty much topped my wardrobe up for this season, I was lusting after a midi skirt after Sam wore one on a night out. And I just had to try on the Joni jeans after ThePersianBabe talked about them in her latest video. I had no intention to buy them, but I put them on and there was this kind of 'aaaaah' moment (think angels singing, light from the sky and all that) and I found myself carrying them to the till. I do not regret it, these jeans make me feel good, and anything that makes you feel good is worth the pennies. 

The filer looks a bit random in this haul, but I have been meaning to get one for my desk at work. Until now I have been propping bits up between my bosses in tray and a stack of post-its, and it just wasn't very practical. Yes £7 is quite a lot, but it's an extra wide one, and I doubt it's going to fall apart any time soon, it better bloody not anyway!

Anyway, there we have it, I might try and do a few more OOTD's and OOTN's with my new purchases, and because I seem to be making more of an effort at the moment!

So, until next time...
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Friday, 15 February 2013

A Valentine's Day Haul

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday everyone, I hope you all had a lovely day!
As I had no significant other to treat, I decided to treat myself to a couple bits and pieces from town.
So my first stop was Boots:

I grabbed a couple of haircare bits that were on offer. The L'Oreal Ever Pure Serum was in the clearance for some reason, and was £3.49, (should have been £6.99), so naturally I bought 2. And then Batiste was on 3 for 2, so I got 3 massive cans that were £4.99 each, they will probably last me about 6 months.

Moving on to skincare. I have wanted to try nose strips for ages so while I was splurging I thought they were worth a purchase. I think these were £4.99, I will review them once I have tried them out. I also needed a new exfoliator and these were on 2 for £5, I normally use Simple but that wasn't on offer! So I will see how I go with this, I am pleased to see it's oil free.

Last in Boots, make up. I think I must have been living in a cave, because I had no idea about this stuff, but my sister informs me it's been out a while. I am a huge fan of Rimmel Stay Matte, but the fact that this is supposed to help your skin drew me to it. I am currently using a silk finish powder, it's ok but I miss my Rimmel so I hope this is just as good! I can't remember how much it was, but I am sure it was less than £5.

Then we headed over to Boyes, I am pretty sure this is just a northern chain. Basically it sells a bit of everything, from haberdashery to DIY. I normally just go in there for fabric and things, and I went with the intention to buy some blackout curtains. I am a bit of a vampire, I like to sleep in a cave, summer is a pain to me because I wake up as soon as it gets light! Anyway, that is beside the point, I got the curtains, and another couple of bits:

I have a bit of a sock obsession. I love nothing more than a good chunky sock. At the moment I am living in my military boots, this weather is too unpredictable for anything else. So I got a 3 pack of lovely chunky knitted socks, I thought at £4.25 they were pretty reasonable, last time I bought chunky socks in Primark they were £1.50 a pair. And then my mum treated me to some new bed socks, not very exciting I know, but my flat is FREEZING, and I always have cold feet. So to get some socks that are 2.3 tog, (togs like duvets), is pretty exciting to me, and holy hell are they warm! I think that's the best £6.50 anyone has ever spent on me. Ever.

Last stop was New Look:

I already have these jeans in navy, and I love them with a passion, so when I saw this pair with 25% off I just couldn't resist. They worked out around £17 and I can't wait to start wearing them! They are so comfy and soft and I love anything high waisted so they are perfect for me.

So there we have it. I have been avoiding going into town for ages so I didn't spend any money, so this was a while coming!
I hope everyone has a fab weekend! Until next time...
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Monday, 11 February 2013

A very quick tip!


I know this should have been up yesterday, but anyone who follows me on Facebook will know I have been in the wars again, and yes, it was self inflicted. I seem to be going out and doing more now than when I was a student, and I am loving it!

Anyway to my tip, which, you may call gross but I don't care. I have a big thing about only washing my hair twice a week, I used to do it every day and it dried the hell out of it, so now I am strict. Anyway, I work in a graphics studio and often find myself 'twiddling' my hair when thinking, (don't ask, it's something I have done for a long time, and my dad still twiddles my hair!). That often leaves me with a greasy 'fringe' area. Obviously I can't just ignore that, so I wash my hair Batiste style. Normally people spray dry shampoo in and brush it straight out as a quick freshen up, and that works fine! But I have other methods...

Basically, before I go to bed I spray my hair until it's white, (only the area that is greasy), plait my hair, and go to bed. By morning the white is gone and my hair is refreshed! Pretty neat huh! It doesn't seem to be drying it out, but I do seem to have pretty 'hard' hair, there's not much that upsets it. 

Let me know if you do this, because I am pretty sure my flatmate thinks I am a bit mad haha!

Anyway, I have no pictures of my with white hair, (and even if I did I don't think I would post them!), so instead here is a picture of me before a recent night out. I am wearing my flatmate Sam's top and my H&M shorts, New Look leggings, and you can't see but my H&M Flatforms. 

Anyway, I am going to do some work on my work blog now, so until next time...
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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A little knitting project...

Baby Moccasins!

I know this post is a couple of days late, sorry! I am still finding my feet again and my inspiration. So please be patient with me!

In the mean time I have been working on a knitting project. I know a couple of lovely ladies that are expecting babies in the near (and not-so-near) future, so have started working on some gifts. This is my first knitting project of the year, and I am pretty pleased. I used two different knitting patterns to create these little moccasin boots, both of which can be found on my Pinterest

If you have undertaken any knitting projects I would love to see them!

So until next time...

(Also I am trying out a new layout for my posts, let me know what you think!)

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