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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Oops...another haul!


So I kind of accidentally went back into town this week, but in my defence I did get exactly what I was looking for. I won't hang about and we'll just get straight into what I bought:

Dress- Bliss,  £8
Skater skirt- H&M,  £12.99

2 strand necklace- New Look,  £3
Midi Skirt- New Look,  £7.99
Filer- Paperchase, £7
Long Vest- H&M,  £3.99
Joni Jeans- TopShop, £36 (but got student discount!)

Peplum Top- New Look, £9.99
Rose Gold Skull T-Bar- TopShop,  £1.50 (got  student discount!)
Snood- TopShop, £8 in sale (got student discount!)
So yeah, I have pretty much topped my wardrobe up for this season, I was lusting after a midi skirt after Sam wore one on a night out. And I just had to try on the Joni jeans after ThePersianBabe talked about them in her latest video. I had no intention to buy them, but I put them on and there was this kind of 'aaaaah' moment (think angels singing, light from the sky and all that) and I found myself carrying them to the till. I do not regret it, these jeans make me feel good, and anything that makes you feel good is worth the pennies. 

The filer looks a bit random in this haul, but I have been meaning to get one for my desk at work. Until now I have been propping bits up between my bosses in tray and a stack of post-its, and it just wasn't very practical. Yes £7 is quite a lot, but it's an extra wide one, and I doubt it's going to fall apart any time soon, it better bloody not anyway!

Anyway, there we have it, I might try and do a few more OOTD's and OOTN's with my new purchases, and because I seem to be making more of an effort at the moment!

So, until next time...
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