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Friday, 15 February 2013

A Valentine's Day Haul

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday everyone, I hope you all had a lovely day!
As I had no significant other to treat, I decided to treat myself to a couple bits and pieces from town.
So my first stop was Boots:

I grabbed a couple of haircare bits that were on offer. The L'Oreal Ever Pure Serum was in the clearance for some reason, and was £3.49, (should have been £6.99), so naturally I bought 2. And then Batiste was on 3 for 2, so I got 3 massive cans that were £4.99 each, they will probably last me about 6 months.

Moving on to skincare. I have wanted to try nose strips for ages so while I was splurging I thought they were worth a purchase. I think these were £4.99, I will review them once I have tried them out. I also needed a new exfoliator and these were on 2 for £5, I normally use Simple but that wasn't on offer! So I will see how I go with this, I am pleased to see it's oil free.

Last in Boots, make up. I think I must have been living in a cave, because I had no idea about this stuff, but my sister informs me it's been out a while. I am a huge fan of Rimmel Stay Matte, but the fact that this is supposed to help your skin drew me to it. I am currently using a silk finish powder, it's ok but I miss my Rimmel so I hope this is just as good! I can't remember how much it was, but I am sure it was less than £5.

Then we headed over to Boyes, I am pretty sure this is just a northern chain. Basically it sells a bit of everything, from haberdashery to DIY. I normally just go in there for fabric and things, and I went with the intention to buy some blackout curtains. I am a bit of a vampire, I like to sleep in a cave, summer is a pain to me because I wake up as soon as it gets light! Anyway, that is beside the point, I got the curtains, and another couple of bits:

I have a bit of a sock obsession. I love nothing more than a good chunky sock. At the moment I am living in my military boots, this weather is too unpredictable for anything else. So I got a 3 pack of lovely chunky knitted socks, I thought at £4.25 they were pretty reasonable, last time I bought chunky socks in Primark they were £1.50 a pair. And then my mum treated me to some new bed socks, not very exciting I know, but my flat is FREEZING, and I always have cold feet. So to get some socks that are 2.3 tog, (togs like duvets), is pretty exciting to me, and holy hell are they warm! I think that's the best £6.50 anyone has ever spent on me. Ever.

Last stop was New Look:

I already have these jeans in navy, and I love them with a passion, so when I saw this pair with 25% off I just couldn't resist. They worked out around £17 and I can't wait to start wearing them! They are so comfy and soft and I love anything high waisted so they are perfect for me.

So there we have it. I have been avoiding going into town for ages so I didn't spend any money, so this was a while coming!
I hope everyone has a fab weekend! Until next time...
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