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Friday, 9 March 2012

So I popped into Body Shop...

So this is the first post using the blogger for iPhone app, so I will be interested to see how it looks on the laptop. 
I forgot to take a picture of my interview outfit today, but hopefully if I get the job I will have the chance to wear it again! Anyway, I felt like it went well so keeping my fingers crossed! 

On my way home I popped into Body Shop. Whilst getting ready for my interview I managed to break my retractable blusher brush. I loved that brush dearly and there was a lot of obscenities flying around when it broke! So I went to Body Shop knowing that they sold them too. I have been admiring their brushes for a while. They are cruelty free and feel lovely. So not only did I get the retractable brush (£11.50), I also got the foundation brush (£12). I realised that applying a mattifying primer with my fingers was probably not helping with the mattifying at all. And because I bought 2 brushes, I got a free eye pencil (should have been £9). I picked navy as I already have several black ones.

Playing with effects on Instagram!

I also got another thing for quite a bargain, but I plan to give it as part of a present so I won't show it!

But anyway, I seem to be suffering from a really stupid headache spell. So I am going to wrap this up before it starts again.

York Does Vintage tomorrow, I can't wait! I just hope my head feels better...

Cya tomorrow!

EDIT: for some reason the post wouldn't upload from my phone, so I have had to edit it on my Mac. I am going to investigate further so I can blog on the go!
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