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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

(OOTDs) Back from the Spa

Good evening!

Yes, it's just gone 9, and I am already in bed, with a glass of home brewed cider (it's pretty good actually). For the first time in a long time I have the flat to myself for the evening. I am not over enthused by this, so I am trying to make the most of it, and am catching up on the beauty gurus on youtube.

So I am back from the Spa, which I can wholly recommend. Anyone in the north (or not actually, if you're planning to visit the north...) should go to Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa near Otley, Leeds. It is brilliant, it reminded me of an alpine lodge. Yes, the bathrooms were't brilliant, and it didn't look all that, but, the food, service, treatments and everything was just awesome. We really enjoyed ourselves and I would definitely go back!

But I thought I would share my outfits from the whole mini break, I did treat myself to an Elemis product, but I will do a review on it once I have had a few go's with it.

Anyway, on to the outfits!

I will start with the evening outfits. We were there for 2 nights, so obviously I needed 2 outfits. I tried to travel light so I repeated my shoes and some of my jewellery.

So the first night I wore my Isabel Wong backless dress (I really can't remember how much this was!). Well I say backless, but you can wear it either way, with a top underneath of course if you're wearing it with a dipped front! This dress is kind of a navy black, it's very very dark, but not quite black, I noticed this when I paired it with the black bandeaux I am wearing with it. I just thought this was nicer than a big 'ole bra strap!

I wore this dress with my horse belt from Primark (£1), and my Miss Selfridge back chain (£8). I am really pleased with this look. I wore my leather (faux) jacket from Select over the top because let's face it, we're back on the chilly weather now!

Accessories for this look...

Finger Armour- Dorothy Perkins, £1
Bruce Oldfield Choker- Gift
Bracelet- Dorothy Perkins, £3

Evening Number 2...

Dress- Dorothy Perkins, £9 in sale
Bruce Oldfield Choker- Gift

And the shoes for both evenings...

Ted Baker Court Shoes- £55 in sale

So now for my two day time outfits. I didn't really wear jewellery because I went swimming and spent a lot of time chilling, and I find jewellery annoying when I am trying to lounge around...

Jegging Shorts- Select, £8
Leggings- Select, £4

Jegging Shorts- As seen above, I was travelling very light!
Leggings- Select £4
Boots (worn both days)-

So there we have it, I just wanted to keep things comfy, especially because we visited the pool, and I had treatments today so I needed clothes that were slouchy and easy to wear.

I am going to finish my cider now and watch more videos.

On another note, does anyone know how to fix battery doors on cameras / video cameras? I am trying to fix my video camera and the door won't close, it's very very annoying!

Anyway, enjoy the easter holidays! I might not be around tomorrow as I am going to the Estee Lauder Event at Browns, so I will e blogging about that on Thursday hopefully!

Toodles for now :)
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  1. It must be nice to go to a spa. I will settle for my bath.

    1. It was heavenly, but a rare treat! I love a bath though, they can always a little luxury too :)


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