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Monday, 9 April 2012

Damn my blasted immune system!


Just a quick little message to say that I am still around, but I have been poorly all weekend, and have therefore not finished editing the photo's of the Queen's visit.  

I have had to take tomorrow off work due to this stupid bug thing, so hopefully I will be able to get everything edited and the post up.

Unfortunately this will be another quiet week from me, as it's Rosie's party on Thursday, and the lovely Sam is coming up on Wednesday to help me prepare.

So anyway, one more job to do then I can have a bath and go to bed!

(I just got back from my parents house, I hate the million jobs that seem to appear as soon as you get back home!)

Until tomorrow...
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  1. Hi! You are nominated for an award, for details visit my blog.

    1. Hey, thanks so much :) I am just posting about it now. I really appreciate it, had a chaotic week so have only just seen this. Thanks again :D x


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