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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Terrible Nails, let's all have a laugh!

Good Evening!

Firstly I have to say that I attended the Festival of Vintage today and it was EPIC! Worth plodding through the rain for, I can't wait to share it with you, but there is a lot of editing to be done (be prepared for a photo heavy post). 

But what I actually wanted to share with you today was an atrocious attempt at nail art. I am actually unsure why I am sharing this with you, because it looks awful. But part of me thinks that my 2 hours of hard labour should be shared with the world, no matter how pants it is. 

So there it is, isn't it poop haha! These jewel-tastic design was created with:

-Tesco "All about Nails" in Lavender (3-4 coats)
- Top Shop Gold nail art pen (inc. jewels)
- La Femme Beauty Glitter polish
-Top and Base coat

After a failed marble nail attempt, (the polish wouldn't spread on the water), I just decided to get a little jewel happy. Because I am not good with fine detail, particularly nail art pens it would appear, they turned out horrible. The jewels hide the messy lines underneath, which is its only saving grace. I have already lost several jewels so they are starting to look even scruffier, but I refuse to take it off so soon, after working so long on it. 

But yeah, they are laughable really, so I thought we could all laugh together :)

Now I have rats to clean out and a movie to watch with the bf, so I will be back tomorrow, hopefully, with a Festival of Vintage post! (It depends how long the editing takes!)

See you tomorrow :)
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  1. They're very cute!
    A few weeks ago I made a video with nails and after I finished I dressed my baby and it was all gone. I couldn't wait for them to dry, at least I have the video to remember.

    1. Thanks, the camera is doing them some favours haha! I literally refuse to move for about an hour after painting my nails! But if I had a baby I guess the nails would have to suffer x


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