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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Visit from the Queen

So, 5 days late (sorry!), I am finally sharing the Queen's visit with you all!

Firstly, wow! What a day! It was so refreshing to see literally hundreds of people teaming up and down Micklegate waiting for the arrival of Her Majesty and Prince Phillip. And I am also pleased that the weather held out for us, no doubt the Queen would have been less than impressed if she visited and Yorkshire it had lived up to it's rainy reputation!

Bill Baber Knitwear was a hive of activity; the base for the organisers and models for the Fashion City York Micklegate Makeover Event, and gosh was I kept busy!

So I will start with sharing some photos of the lady we were all there to see. I apologise for the glare and the blurriness, unfortunately I don't have big expensive lenses for my camera (yet!)(click on the photo's to enlarge)

The Queen was brought by car to Micklegate Bar, the Royal entrance to York, and was invited into the city by the Mayor. She was then given flowers and was greeted by several people (it was hard to see who from where I was!). After this she was driven down Micklegate to York Minster, where the Maundy Service was taking place. 

I am really pleased to have seen her (albeit from a distance), that's another thing ticked off the bucket list!

So after the excitement of the Queen arriving, the real hustle and bustle began in Bill Baber, as models were being styled left, right and centre, for their various jobs throughout the day. Instead of trying to explain everything, I will let some pictures do the talking...

The patriotic window displays at Bill Baber Knitwear

The 'Bride' and 'Groom' getting ready at Cads of York, (more on this later).

TD Fifteen kindly styled some of the models with 50's up-do's for the day.

The live models at Bill Baber Knitwear.

And finally, the bride and groom enjoying their lunch. Vintage 50's Gown and suit provided by Brides of York.

All in all Maundy Thursday was a fabulous day for York, in particularly Micklegate. I have mentioned before that Micklegate lacks the attention it deserves, it is a great centre for quirky shops and boasts several great beauty parlours, so if you didn't come exploring when the Queen visited, make sure you visit soon, you won't be disappointed! It's the Royal Entrance for a reason you know!
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  1. wow the Queen! that is awesome! and Love all this fashion in this post! great blog! I found you on Beauty and the Mist's award post! :)

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  2. Thanks very much, and thank you for letting me know I had been nominated for an award :)

    Had such a hectic week I haven't had chance to catch up yet! I had a look at your blog too, it looks lovely :)

    Thanks again!

    Lucy :) x

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