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Saturday, 7 April 2012

(OOTD) An evening at Browns

Good evening!

Sorry for a lack of posting for a couple of days! Everything has been very hectic, what with the Queen visiting York and all! But I am at home for the weekend so things have settled down, although, I am still editing a shed load of photos from when HRH visited!

But I have got through the photos of the Estée Lauder at Browns event. It was fabulous! I think I spent a tad too much, but it was definitely worth it for all the goodies I got! Anyway, I will start with what I wore...

Shirt- Select, £7
White Vest- New Look, £2.50
Belt- Peacocks, £2 I think
Jeans- H&M, £7 in sale
Socks- Primark, £2
Boots- Vivienne Westwood, gift

And accessories...

Necklace- Gift
Earrings- Miss Selfridge, £2 (I think!)

So, now to the event itself. We were greeted at the door and directed to the restaurant in the store, where we were handed glasses of wine and told to help ourselves to chocolates and canapés. We also bought some raffle tickets as the entire event was to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society, a great cause that does fabulous work to support those with Alzheimer's, and also their families and carers. The prizes were amazing, but unfortunately we didn't win any :( I am pleased to say that the evening raised around £750, which is great, so well done everybody!

Anyway, the first part of the event was a fashion show, displaying some of the lovely brands that Browns has to offer, including, James Lakeland, CC, Phase Eight, Kaliko, Planet and Gelco just to name a few. Enough of me rambling, here are the photos.. 

There were some fabulous outfits, (and fabulous characters!), in the show. I had not seen some of the brands in this show before, but I was very impressed with the collections, and how there was something to suit everyone. 

After the show there was a couple of demonstrations from the Estée Lauder team. I had obviously heard of this brand before, but had never really thought of buying from them. Maybe the price tag put me off slightly, or maybe I just didn't know enough, but the demo's explained the use of some of the skin care and make up products very well, and I felt like I not only learned a lot about Estée Lauder, but learned some nifty (yes nifty!) skin care tricks! For example, never put your foundation right up to your eye, use a specific under eye concealer, otherwise you can end up with puffy eyes! 

After the demonstrations we were let loose on the fashion and beauty floors in Browns, which was a bit dangerous really! The first thing I snapped up was this little beauty...

This fine cable knit jumper is from CC, a brand that I have heard of, but have not really looked at in the past. This jumper is unbelievably soft! It was the last one left, and is an XL so it's lovely and baggy, AND it was only £24.50 in the sale, bargain! I have been wearing it with shorts and leggings for the past couple of days. I love it.

Also on the fashion floor, a lovely company called Gelco were giving a way goodie bags with cute little bits and pieces in. My mum and Rosie got candles and bits in theirs, but I got a make-up bag and a lavender bag. I love lavender, so mum gave me her little lavender bag too, bonus!

And now for the main attraction, we headed for the Estée Lauder stand in the beauty department. I was advised by a lovely lady called Marie about which mascara and under eye concealer would be best for me. These were the two products that I was running short of in my make up bag, and I was looking for something new to try...

So I got the Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara in black, and I am loving it so far, it makes my lashes really long, but can also be built up to create a fuller effect. 

I haven't tried the Illuminator yet, as I am running my current one out, but I will let you know how I get on.

So not only was there 10% off on the night, but if you bought two items you got the best goodie bag ever!

The colour of this is beautiful! I can't wait to try it!

Such a pretty bag.

I am so impressed with the free gifts. I haven't had the chance to try them yet but I will do a full review once I have had some time. Just know I am impressed!

As we left we were given ANOTHER goodie bag, (I know right!). In this bag we were given some fragrance samples, all of which smell lovely! I especially like Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

So there we have it! Quite a mammoth post but it was a fab evening and I needed to tell you all about it! I am sure Browns will be having more events in the future, so make sure you are there!

I will hopefully have the chance to blog about the Queen's visit tomorrow, if not, see you Monday! Have a lovely easter break!

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