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Sunday, 22 April 2012

(OOTD) A Vintage-tastic day!

Good Evening!

So today has been an awesome but tiring day at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, I must have been there around 3 hours! I love the location of this vintage fair, the beautiful Hospitium in York Museum Gardens. However, part of me thinks this venue is a little small! Sometimes it can be very difficult to navigate through the crowd of people rummaging through the vintage goodies! It's great that it's so busy, don't get me wrong, I just wish there was a little more space, especially downstairs. 

So anyway, the fair was packed with vintage goodies, furniture, garments, accessories and more! An added bonus is a beautiful vintage tea room and a Crabbie's Ginger Beer Bar, which was offering out free samples. The tea and beer was enough to convince the boyfriend to accompany me for once!

Today's post will be a quick OOTD, and tomorrow (all being well!) will showcase everything the fair had to offer. I have already started working on the post, but as always it is a mammoth task, and is hopefully worth the wait!

So this is what I wore (starring my balloon from YDV last Sunday)...

Jumper- TopShop, £18 in sale
Dress- Browns York, £5 in sale (but I got it free on my Browns Advantage Card!)
Leggings- Irregular Choice, gift
Scarf- Primark, around £2
Wellies- Vivienne Westwood

And for accessories...

 Bead Lady Necklace- Matalan, £2.50 in sale
Pocket Watch Necklace- Primark, £4

And now it's time for bed for me, I am so tired. College time tomorrow, then after I will hopefully get the post live for you all to see. 

So until then :)
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  1. I love vintage fairs. I wish we had more around! x

    1. Is there not that many in Belgium? For some reason I thought there would be more. In the town I live, in April alone we have had 3 fairs! I will send some to you :) x


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