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Friday, 27 April 2012

(OOTE) Avengers Assemble 3D

Good afternoon!

So I am at work again today so I thought you could have another day time post. I don't want people to think I am slacking off by blogging at work, it is very quiet and I am very bored, baring in mind I have hardly seen a soul all day! 

Last night I went to see Avengers Assemble 3D. I thought it was great! My only minor criticism is that the 3D made some of the action scenes lose their crispness, you missed some of the fighting choreography due to the blur caused by the 3D. I would be interested to watch it in Blue Ray and see if it makes a difference, I am pretty sure it would. And although I enjoyed the 3D, I am not actually sure how much it added to the film. I have only seen two 3D movies, this and Harry Potter, (I missed out on Tron and Avatar, which apparently were the ones to see), and so far it's not entirely blown me away. Also, I now have to wear my glasses in the cinema... picture me and the boyfriend, sat at the back, simultaneously cleaning our glasses and our 3D glasses... we looked such the dorky couple! But yeah, wearing your 3D glasses over your vision glasses is not ideal,

1. It starts to hurt your ears and nose.
2. The double glare can be annoying.
3. You look like an idiot, but there are other people doing the same, and it's dark, but you still know!

I don't want to tell you anything about the plot and such because I don't want to spoil the film, but I will say I was pleasantly surprised with how balanced the film was; there was some actual laugh out loud moments, some love, lots of action, the odd 'jump' (believe me, you will jump!), and some 'on the edge of your seat' moments. So even if you're not a comic book geek, it's worth a watch! I, personally, am in love with Robert Downy Jr. so I was just happy to see him too!

Anyway, enough about the film, I am sure you all want to know what I wore, (probably not, but you're going to know!). I was intending to dress a bit nicely, ya'know, with it being date night with the boyf and all. But, after walking home from work and resembling a drowned rat (after bathing the rats, I full understand this expression!), I decided to go for warm and comfy...

Snood- Tesco, £2 in sale
Hoodie- Soul Cal, birthday present
Grey Jeggings- Primark, ages ago

I had to show you my t-shirt because it is awesome. I was an xmas present 2 years ago from my mum. She bought it for 2 reasons, 1. Because it's made by a company called Juicy Lucy and 2. Because it's damn awesomely funnily cute!

And for my 'braving the rain' ensemble...

Coat- New Look, about 3 winters ago
Wellies- Baby Cham, around £25
Umbrella- Primark, around £2
Bag- Primark, £6 
(I also have big hiking socks on that you can't really see, but they were £2 from Primark Mens)

And finally, a vain Instagram of me waiting to go to the cinema, sporting my Karen Millen glasses. I don't normally treat myself to designer frames, but I love these and will just have them re-glazed in the future, instead of buying new frames. And, I have to wear them a whole lot more now than I have had to in the past, so I was making sure I got ones I liked a lot!

(Also for those who are interested, I am wearing Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle (001) on my lips)

So there we have it for today. I am no serious film critic, so don't take my opinion on Avengers Assemble as gospel, I am merely stating what I think, you may think it's crap, that's ok too, but I just thought I would let you know my take on it. 

Later is serious pamper time for me and I can't wait. Having a ridiculously long bath, using so many lotions and potions I will probably end up smelling like a tarts boudoir, and am going to chill with my ratties (and boyfriend of course), and paint my nails, aaahhh bliss :) So cya tomorrow :D
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  1. My husband wants us to see this film. Whenever we watch a 3D we regret it because we expect more.
    [I think your profile photo (Facebook, on the right)is unfair to you. You are more beautiful and sweet on other photos].

    1. I always get excited for 3D and the only 2 times I have experienced it, it hasn't overly impressed me. And thank you so much! I don't like to post too many photos of me around but I do like the one above so I think a Facebook profile pic change is in order.

      Thanks again :D x


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