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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Festival of Vintage (VERY picture heavy!)

Good Evening!

So after a mammoth editing job I am pleased to share with you my experience at the Festival of Vintage. 

I loved it! I have never been to a vintage fair like it! Well, to me, it's not really a fair, it's a vintage lifestyle show, where you can experience and buy into that lifestyle too. It's great, I just found myself smiling at the dance lessons, expert dancers and singers and all the wonderful vintage outfits. It has made me want to go back to Rock and Roll dancing as soon as possible! And made me want to have a completely vintage wardrobe!

There was loads to do, (I missed a few bits due to travel issues, boo!), such as: 

-burlesque shows 
-vintage fashion shows 
-vintage beauty parlour 
-exhibitions and demonstrations
-dance lessons 
-singers and bands 
and so much more! 

The entrance fee is £6.50, which is more than your average fair, but this is more than your average fair, this is a day out and and a great experience in a great venue, York Racecourse.

This fair is massive! It took up 2 floors of two buildings at the racecourse, so as you can imagine, I could not go around each stall individually and take photos, so I picked out one that really stood out to me, and took some arial shots of the whole fair. 

So enough of me rambling, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking... (apologies for some blur in some pictures, taking pictures of people dancing is hard work!)

Above- Lindy Hop Lessons

Above- Vintage Exhibition

Above- The Vintage Beauty Parlour

(For more information please visit:

Above- These beautiful vintage re-worked garments were created Ruth Milliam. There were some beautiful pieces, I particularly loved the embellished vintage furs, (if you have read my previous posts you will know my opinion on fur and vintage fur, if not, and you're interested please click here). For more information on these beautiful pieces please visit: Ruth Milliam on Facebook

Above- 1940's singer Lola Lamour

Above- Amazing dancers (Jive, Charleston etc.)

Above- Just a fraction of the amazing stalls that filled two huge buildings, so much to look at, you really need to spend at least a whole day to appreciate all of this! (1 Day or 2 Day tickets are available).

The Festival of Vintage is a big deal! Even Cosmopolitan Magazine know how amazing it is! 

So same time next year York Racecourse will be a hive of vintage activity once again...

Will you be there? 
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