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Thursday, 10 May 2012

(OOTD) Ok, I am banned from town....starting from...NOW!

Good Evening!

I am serious now, this is it, no more shopping, nada, nope, no-sir-ee! I did order something on line yesterday... but that is it! If I didn't need my cards to buy food etc I would cut them up!

So since my major splurge on Monday, there were minor splurges on Tuesday...and Wednesday! Luckily I was at work today and am tomorrow and Saturday so no fear of spendage whilst there!

Anyway, I should let you know the damage, once again, in my defence, it's all bargain-tastic!

So on Tuesday I happened to pop into Tesco, I didn't even have to go upstairs to the clothing section, they had very helpfully put the sale section right through the front door!

These little beauties were all £7 each! The jumper on the left is uber soft and cuddly, I can't wait to wear it. I even think it will look cute in summer with denim shorts. I have a thing for coral so I couldn't resist the other jumper either, and I thought the cardigan is smart and practical. 

I also ended up in the make-up section. I have been needing another make-up pencil sharpener for a while and just picked this up while I remembered. The other purchase was a slight impulse. I Since getting into Youtube I have come to appreciate how much 'doing your eyebrows' can make a difference to your face. So I thought I would try out this kit. It was £5 and comes with a brush and a setting gel, so I thought it was quite reasonable. I haven't had chance to play with this yet, but I hope to review it soon.

On a more practical note, I bought socks!

I also spied these candles from Air Wick. I had not seen Air Wick candles before, but I was pretty sure they would have a good scent. I also liked the packaging. They smell beautiful and at 2 for £5.00 I had to get both, and treat my sister to some as well! The Vintage English Tea Rose one doesn't smell anything like rose in my opinion, but it does smell lovely, part of me wants to say it smells like mens shower gel. If you get the chance to smell these do, and let me know your thoughts. The Summer Fruit Punch one smells divine, like mangoes and tropical juice, it's lovely. I love candles, but could never see myself spending lots and lots on them. Believe me, I would love to try a Neom candle, but I can't justify £37, or whatever it is, so Air Wick will have to do!

Anyway, that's my little lot from Tesco. On Wednesday I 'popped' into town to find some slippers. I made the mistake of going 'the other way' into town than my usual route, to go to New Look to look for said slippers. Alas, no slippers, but they did have these!

So I have been after a black cardigan for a while, and with it being 20% off for students at the moment I decided to invest, so this was £10 instead of £13. It's a lovely fabric and nice and light so will be great all year round. I just had to have this lightweight parka that was in the sale for £16. This jacket feels lovely, but looks like a 'proper' coat. I think it will be fab on summer evenings. And I just couldn't resist this cute flower headband for £3, I mean, who could?

Then I wandered into PoundLand, not PoundWorld this time. I don't get to PoundLand as often, as it is further away. So amongst some practical bits and pieces (including a bright pink lunch box!), I snapped up...

These cute tealight holders are in the summer collection, and I thought they were so pretty for £1 each, you could even use them as make-up brush holders or something. And as you may know already, I am a huge fan of lavender, so this lavender and rose candle had to come home with me.

So after looking in several shops for slippers I ended up in Shoe Zone and funnily enough, I found some slippers, in fact, I found two pairs!

Well with the weather being so erratic I didn't know which style of slipper to buy, so naturally, I bought both. But I didn't know you get student discount in Shoe Zone, and in Stead and Simpson I think, so I got both pairs for just over £10, which I think is a bargain :)

And then, I just popped into H&M to get a long vest to go under the new sheer dress from TopShop, and I got that... BUT they also had the shorts I had lusted over on Monday in my size, so you guessed it, they had to come home too!

Vest- £3.99
Uber Amazing Sparkly Shorts- £25.99 (You have no idea how excited these make me!)

And, to top it all off, a few great things have happened in the last couple of days. I won two prizes! One on a charity raffle with York Does Vintage, and I won Sarah Jane's blog giveaway which is so exciting, I can't wait for that parcel to come through the post! Speaking of post, look what turned up today...

The Flatforms that I have been waiting so long for have finally arrived. They are slightly big on the heel so I am going to get some heel grips, because I think the size down would crush my toesies. I need to spray these and then wait for some drier weather to give them a spin, but I can't wait!

So that is everything. Apart from my prize I am expecting one more thing through the post then no more for a while. I am serious this time, no more!

Anyway, to finish things off, here's an OOTD, (been at work today, hence the layers):

Jacket- Zara, £29.99
Long-Sleeved High Neck Top- Primark, £3
Striped T-Shirt- H&M, £3.99
Kristen Jeans- TopShop sale, £20
Peace Rosary- TopShop sale, £3.50

So until tomorrow :)
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  1. Ohh i like the shorts and the necklace! Love your blog, I've followed :-)

    1. Thank you :) I had a look at your blog, it's lovely, I followed you too :) x


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