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Monday, 7 May 2012

One Big Haul! (Pic Heavy)

Good Evening!

So this weekend I have had the family over to stay, which is always lovely, however, thanks to Rosie, I am now broke, due to some immense shopping. So I won't waste space babbling, let's get to it! This haul is over a week, so let's begin at the beginning...

So on Tuesday I was meant to just be popping to Pets at Home to pick up some rat bits and pieces, however, I also fell into Homesense...

I only picked up a couple of bits. From the clearance I spied these cute baskets, priced between £1 and £3, I thought they were so cute and great for the price. As you can see I have already put them to good use! 

I have been after some nice storage for my make-up brushes and my combs and things, and I decided tins were the way forward. These were £2 each, I am not using the lids but I have put them aside for safe keeping. 

So I was very pleased with my Homesense trip!

As you will know from my post on Saturday, I have been wandering around car boot sales this weekend. Saturday's was a freezing cold disaster, Sunday was a much more pleasant experience. The sun was shining and I was actually warm! I didn't get much, just a little present for Rosie, and a present for me...

I already have two vintage Quality Street tins that I am currently using to store my lipsticks (I plan to do a new make-up storage post soon). So to go along with the chocolate tin theme, I picked up this Roses tin, my dad did some haggling and got me it for £2, so I am happy with that. Yes, it's not quite vintage, it's only from 1993, but it looks the part and it will be vintage one day!

Speaking of Homesense, and tins, once mum and Rosie turned up on Sunday, we ended up back at Homesense...

I just couldn't resist these Marmite tins at £1.99 each. I love marmite and marmite branded things, so I just had to have these, I will find a use for them I am sure.

And, well, I just had to have more baskets, how could I resist more cheap pretty-ness! And besides, now all my teddies look neat and tidy (yes, I am 22, I like teddies, I don't care!).

Then we FINALLY made it into town! Because I have been working a lot recently it's been a while since I have had a look at what the high street has to offer at the moment. I have seen a couple of 'lust-haves' on youtube and things, but more on that later. First we went to the shops we needed to go to...

Boots had 3 for 2 on Simple Skincare, so I picked up these wipes to try, instead of the normal green packet ones. I have oily skin so I am curious to see how much difference these make, compared to the normal wipes. I will get back to you on this. 

(you will notice that some of my clothes are modelled beautifully by manny, my gorgeous assistant!)

So then we went to places we didn't really need to go, but it seemed we needed to spend money there, first on the list was H&M...

Rings- £2.99
Bum Bag- £9.99 (for my holidays!)
Boob Tubes / Tube Skirts- £2.99 - £3.99 (I bought 3 but one will be appearing later!)
Dress- £10 (scouted out by Rosie, she convinced me to buy it)

Unfortunately this shopping trip was cut short by me having a funny turn, (gotta love feeling dizzy and faint), but fear not, as I am now fine, and we were able to venture out again today. This was when the bank balance took a real kicking, I blame Rosie for suggesting we go shopping again today...

First stop, H&M, again...

T-shirts- £2.99 - £3.99 (I got 2 more but these will be featured later)
Vest with Lace bottom- £3.99

Then we just sort of 'fell' into Zara. I knew there was something I really wanted from there, but I didn't know if it was in our local store. However, when I saw it, it was just like there was a light beaming down on it and there was angels singing and I just glided over to it and as if by magic there was one left in my size...

This is the most beautiful jacket I have ever seen. It is just a mish mash of flowery colourful goodness with a zip and black trimming. I am just in love with the light fabric, and the fit and everything about it, I think I will wear it forever. It's quite unusual for me to pay full price for things, I usually wait until the sale, but I just had to have this now, so I did part with £29.99 for it, but I love it so much, and I was just happy when I bought it, and that's always a good sign!

And then, Rosie suggested we go to Topshop, and this was my downfall, they had a sale you see!

(top to bottom, left to right)

Beaded Bracelet Cuff- £3.50
Neck Cuff- £4.50
Peace Rosary- £3.50
Skull and Spike Necklace- £3.50
Spike Necklace- £3.50

Short Waterfall Dress- £10
Floor Length Waterfall Dress- £10 (shown with plain white t-shirt from H&M £3.99)
Waterfall Skirt- £10 (shown with plain grey t-shirt from H&M £3.99)
Mint Leggings- £7

Kristen Jeans- £20

I would like to point out at this point that I rarely buy anything from TopShop full price, considering that full price the jeans were meant to be £40, and the fact I got this little lot for £62 (I got student discount on all sale items!), I am very impressed, and now I am so excited for my holiday!

Then just to hurt my purse a bit further, I was convinced I needed to go to New Look!

Hamsa Hand Ring- £1.50
Bikini- Top £14.99, Bottoms £7.99 (I think!)but I got student discount :)
Bandeau- £4 in sale

Then we had to leave town, because I had run out of hand space for shopping bags, and mum and Rosie needed to go home.

Speaking of Rosie (again!) she brought me something she had bought for me in the New Look in another town

Grey Maxi Skirt- £7 (shown with boob tube from H&M, £2.99)

So FINALLY, my favourite purchase of the whole week has to be my stamp ring from Rosie Apple

 I just love it, I had to show you it with the packaging because it is so cute, and Rosie makes the boxes herself.

So yeah, that's my favourite thing, but I am loving everything I have bought, but now I can't go to town for a long long long time!

So that's it from me tonight, see you tomorrow :) 

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  1. I'm very glad you like it dear!

    1. I love love love it :D thanks so much xxx

  2. After years of persuading my Dad not to wear a bum bag on holiday, I am certainly going to start on you too! xxx

    1. Hahaha but my bum bag is cool! Look its all pretty :) and will keep our things safe xxx


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