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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

She Said Beauty Box Review

Good Evening!

So unfortunately I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so apologies for no post, but I am back today, raring to go and excited to tell you about a lovely pink box that arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning...

So this is the She Said Beauty Box, it costs £9 plus £2.95 postage, so is £1 cheaper than the average beauty box, but that does not mean that it feels cheaper in any way at all!

I love the design of this box. I like the fact that it is subtly decorated on the front, the fact it has a magnetised flip lid, and the fact that the colour scheme is so bright and fresh! These are all aspects that make this box differ from other beauty boxes I have seen. I think this box feels fun, and who wouldn't be excited by that bright pink beauty on the doorstep! I also love all the little touches on the packaging, the fact that every side of the box has something printed on it, it shows a lot of care and attention has gone into the packaging, and I really appreciate things like that. I also think it's great that the info card tells you the prices of each product, and which ones are full size, I find information like this very helpful.

So I think you get the idea that I like the box itself, now to what's inside!

So I was very very excited to see the usual five products, plus a bonus sixth! It's always nice to receive surprises, and for a first box from She Said Beauty, this definitely gives a great impression of what to expect from this company. 

Here is some detail on all the goodies!

This Natio Lotus Soap is one of a trio set that incorporates 'all-natural Indian Attar perfumes' that are apparently used during Yoga. I don't normally buy bars of soap, I am a liquid soap kind of person, I think they are less messy, but I am happy to give this a try, as it's something I definitely wouldn't buy myself. The full trio is £8.50, which seems a bit much for soap. But if you're after all natural soap that smells lovely, or are looking for a beautiful smelling gift for under a tenner, then this may be for you. And, you're getting three 150g bars of soap, which are pretty big actually, even getting through this one will probably take me a while. So yeah, this smells lovely and I will let you know how I get on, I am always wary that soaps like this dry my skin out, so I am interested to see how this goes.

 After receiving a Inika Eye Pencil in my Glossy Box, I am pleased to have received another Inika product to try, this time the Lip Whip in Peach. This product contains essential nutrients for the lips to keep them 'soft and kissable'. The camera really doesn't do justice to how loud this colour really is! I am so excited to try this and if I like it, wear it in summer with a neutral eye and barely there blush. This is a full size product, and should be £14.30. I think this is quite a lot for a small 8ml lip gloss, however, if it is a good non-sticky and moisturising formula, then my opinion may change. 

Why oh why have I not heard of The Vintage Cosmetic Company before?! These eyelashes look beautiful! I think I will be saving these for a special occasion. These retail at £6 and I think for a special treat they should be well worth the money. I really like the packaging. I also think it's good that the lashes are on a clear strip, so they don't look too thick. When I get round to trying these I will let you know.

I can't say that I am a huge 'superfan' of the Kardashians, I didn't even know this perfume existed. However, I think it smells lovely! I am pleased that this is a 'proper' sample, not a vial with a couple of drops in. This roller ball is the perfect size for my handbag. I like the metallic pink bottle, I think it's very girly but sophisticated. This perfume RRPs between £22.95 - £39.95, but She Said Beauty sent a great 40% off code in the box! If I hadn't have just spent a tonne of money on new clothes, I may have invested in this. I think it's a great scent and would be happy to purchase this for myself (or receive it as a gift haha!).

I am interested to know how an SPF 15 can be a tan accelerator (can accelerate tan by 25%) as well, but when the sun next shines I will definitely give this a try. I find sun-tan lotion very expensive, it's like companies put a premium on our skin's safety, and we are all begrudged to buy it, or worry about the consequences. This product retails at £12.99 for 100ml or £17.95 for 200ml. She Said Beauty Box subscribers were sent a special offer for this entire brand, but it looks like this range is out of my current budget. I will be doing some research into sun creams soon, as I am planning to go on holiday in July, and if the prices of this brand are competitive with other brands I am considering, I might just invest, as I would rather be using organic products, (this is 82% organic), on my skin if I can afford to. 


The final 'bonus' samples came cutely packaged in a pink organza bag. I like this little touch as it makes the freebie feel a bit more special. These samples are from a company called Snowberry, a New Zealand brand I have not heard of before. I received samples of Intensive Renewal Face Serum, Bright Defence Day Cream No. 2 and Nourishing Rich Day Cream, which all contain pure ingredients from New Zealand and 'the remote places of the world'. I love the 'doodling' style graphics on the packaging. There were no prices for these products, but if I enjoy the samples I may be tempted to do more research.

So all in all, I am very happy with my box from She Said Beauty, part of me is so tempted to keep this subscription on. As you all know, (or should know if you have been reading a while), Sam bought me this box as a gift, and I am very grateful, thank you again! If I hadn't have just blown a load of money I would definitely keep this on, but I do enjoy my Glossy Box too, argh this is difficult. I will let you know what I decide to do, but rest assured, once I am working full time, I will have beauty boxes coming out of my ears! They make me so excited!

Have you tried the She Said Beauty Box? What do you think?

So see you tomorrow for another... haul! 

(*gulp* I had to show my mum in advanced because I know she reads and would ring me and shout at me very loud!)

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