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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Update on the April Glossy Box

Good afternoon!

I am zonked today! I agreed to go to the car boot sale with my dad this morning, which meant me getting up at 6:30, which was bad enough, BUT THEN to wake up to an instant cramp in my calf really took the biscuit! 

The car boot was mad busy, and mad cold, I ended up with 6 layers on, still cold, wearing my dad's golf hat and with a hot cup of tea to try and make my hands warm, I swear by the end of it my eyes were frozen! (name that film!)

Anyway, after a nap and a rest under a blanket I am finally warming back up. I am also thinking about joining him at a different car boot sale tomorrow, does this make me insane?

Anyway, a week ago today I got my April Glossy Box, this month (well last month now!) is earth month so I was thrilled to see organic products in my box, here are my follow up thoughts...

First of all, I am in love with this Ayuuri Coconut body wash. The scent is beautiful and it feels so lovely on the skin. It doesn't leave my skin any softer than usual, but when you are using it just feels good for you, and the scent stays on your skin for a little while which I like. I mentioned in my last post that I normally just buy my shower gel from Poundland, so £4.95 is quite a lot for me for shower gel, I would rather splash out on other products. Saying that, if someone bought me some as a gift I would really enjoy using it again.

I am so impressed with the Figs and Rouge Rambling Rose lip balm. I use it every night as I am going to bed and it keeps my lips hydrated through the night. Other 'night time' (I always keep a lip balm next to my bed) lip balms I have used have not been as effective, and I have had to reapply them several times before I get to sleep, not with this one! The initial grainy texture is a little bit weird, but it seems to melt into the lips. I would love to try the mint version of this balm and at £3.29 I would definitely buy another of these once this runs out!

 I am pleased to have received a graphite coloured eye pencil, I have plenty in black, but this grey gives a much more subtle look. The formula is so creamy and it goes on a dream and blends well, as can be seen above. I like this product but as I mentioned before I would not pay £11.95 for an eye pencil, as there are other products I would rather spend my money on, but I will enjoy using this while it lasts.

I have not really had much use out of the Kai perfume oil yet, I am still trying to figure out if I like the scent, it is very unusual. What I do know is that I wouldn't pay £41 for this product, as there are other perfumes I would rather spend my money on.

The formula of the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum is lovely, and I am enjoying using this as part of my night time routine. The UK weather really can't make it's mind up at the moment, one day it's shorts weather, the next day you're back in your thermals. My eye area does not appreciate these changes and tends to get quite dry, and I sometimes suffer from excema in this area. I am pleased to say that using this serum under my eye and on my eyelid is keeping my eye area lovely and hydrated. It is very gentle so is not making my eyes puffy by over hydrating them. I am pleased to have received a Caudalie product after all the blog and Youtube hype, and I will continue to use this. However, at £29 for a full size product, I would have to seriously consider  how beneficial it is before I purchased it. 

Overall I am very impressed with the selection of products in this months Glossy Box, and I can't wait to see what comes in this months box!

So probably no post from me tomorrow, as my mum and Rosie are coming to visit, so no doubt there will be shopping to do!

So see you Monday, enjoy your bank holiday weekend :D 
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  1. You have nice things in your box. I like coconut scent.

    1. I was really impressed this month, sometimes there are things I am not too keen on but I love everything this month :D


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