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Monday, 14 May 2012

(OOTD, FOTD) No more Hauls! Ok maybe a little one...

Good Afternoon!

So after approximately 1 hour at college today, I found myself coming home again, although I must say that hour was quite productive.

Anyway, this has left me with a little bit of time to share yesterdays haul with you, before I start doing some work. 

So I went to town yesterday. My aim was to buy a couple of birthday presents and some heel grips, both of which I got...and some added extras...

So I picked up a Lip Boom whilst in Superdrug. These 4 in 1 lip products are a collaboration between Alexandra Burke and MUA. For £3 I think this is a pretty nifty product. You get a lipstick and a glittery gloss that can be used separately or together. You also get a little bit of extra product in the end which is nice and tiny and is therefore very portable, (although it doesn't have it's own lid). I think this one is called 'Bring it' and is a lovely reddy pink. The camera shows it more pink than it actually is but I love it and I can't wait to try it out properly.

I also picked up the new Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes Bright Palette. I have been eyeing this up for a while and patiently waiting for it to be released.

I love all the colours in this! I am also pleased it is matte as I don't own that many matte colours (well apart from on my huge palette which is not that easy to transport). I used this palette with my MUA pastel palette today and I am really pleased with it, I will do some swatches soon! This palette was £6.50, but all cosmetics are on 3 for 2 in Superdrug at the moment so there are bargains to be had.

And I also popped into PoundWorld!

Now a box of tissues isn't that interesting really, but I love Me 2 U Bears :D

And then on to Boots!

 I wanted to try out the new Bourjois nail polish remover, but they didn't have it, so I thought I would try this one instead, and at £2.50, it was worth a try. I also picked up my trusty Simple Shampoo to use when my scalp needs a helping hand.

Zest was another stop!

Not much to say, needed a cheapy foundation brush, bought one for £2.99 :)

New Look was a bad decision...

Just a couple more bargains to add to the collection! The two short necklaces were £3 each and the charm necklace and hair clip were £2 each, bargain-tastic :)

I honestly did not mean to go into Republic, I swear!

Now, I saw a pair of these leggings marked up at £7, but this pair were marked at £10, took them to the till, apparently they were still £10 (boo!) but I couldn't resist them! I can't wait to wear them with a pastel top and some sandals.  I also couldn't resist this ring, I have never seen one like it before and for £2 I thought it was too cute to pass up on!

So there we have it for shopping. The great news is that I now have enough Boots Advantage points to order my Chanel Palette, that I have been saving my points for since I got the card when I was 16, I have been so dedicated!

Besides that excitement, here's todays OOTD and FOTD (shock horror, a picture of my face!)

Jumper- Tesco, £7 in sale
Kirsten Jeans- TopShop Sale, £20
Brogues- Primark, (last year)

Hair Clip- New Look, £2 in sale
(under hair) 'Bump It' style thing- pack of 5 in varying sizes from Poundland
Earrings- in sale, can't remember where
Necklace- New Look, £3 in sale

On Eyes:

3 Shades from MUA Pastel Palette and Strike from Sleek Ultra Matte Bright Palette

 4 Ring Stack- H&M, £2.99
Panda Ring- Rosie Apple
Hamsa Hand Ring- New Look, £1.50 in sale

I opted for a light outfit today with the weather being somewhat nice, saying that I did get rained on, the only time it rained was between me leaving the door of college and getting on the bus! Typical!

Anyway, bit of an update on my She Said Beauty Box tomorrow, so until then :) 
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  1. hey lucy, you have a lovely blog :) found your blog thru Demi's.....Nice haul :) BTW, ur pretty :)

    1. Thank you, just checked your blog out and liked you on fb so I can keep up to date :) Thank you very much for your lovely comments :D x

  2. Lovely blog lucifer :D and excellent fringe! who the devil cut that for you! :p xx

    1. Haha thank you, oh I duno just some girl called Rosie, you might know her, she lives with you :P xx


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