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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Out with the old, and... well just out with the old really!

Just a quick post tonight, I am actually zonked!

I spent most of today cleaning out my bedroom. After the 'no' from Harrods, it seems a sensible time to de-clutter, tidy my life up and start with a new positivity. I was already positive, don't get me wrong, but a tidy room means a tidy mind and I think I just need a bit more spring in my step, (which is funny really, considering it is spring! *childish giggle at own lame joke*)

So I am getting rid of a lot of things and just trying to make the place look generally tidier. I have cleared out a lot of my crafty stuff from my fashion course, and I am donating this to my mums work, and some of it to Rosie. I have also managed to part with the odd piece of clothing and a handbag. Most of what I have is strangely back on trend, so it seems silly getting rid of it all to buy new stuff. Plus, I have no pennies for a wardrobe overhaul anyway. 

At the moment I can't even see my bed, so I will be residing in the bf's room for the evening, and continuing with it all tomorrow. I hope one more day will do it, or else it's going to be a long week, I hope to give the rest of the flat a general clean too. By Friday I think I will be ready for my weekend in Sheffield!

Anyway, I am going to chill out, so see you soon :) 
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