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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

(OOTD) Random Chatter and Web-Link Wednesday!

Hello there!

Didn't really have anything to post about yesterday, was going to do a nail-related post and then decided not to paint my nails, saving that for tomorrow because I am going to Manchester for the weekend to see Snow Patrol!  They are my favourite band EVER and this will be the second time I have seen them :) also spending a couple of nights there, so we can do some shopping and pop over to China Town, I hope to have pretty pictures. 

Speaking of pictures I know I said I was going to do a London post. I didn't take that many pictures but I will be showing you something on the blog, hopefully tomorrow if I get all my jobs done!

Anyway to my OOTD, I wasn't leaving the house today, but I didn't fancy trackies, so threw on this ensemble...

Top- Select, probably in a sale, got it YONKS ago!

Black Long Sleeved T-Shirt- New Look or Primark

Shorts- You can't really see here but these are navy cord, got them in New Look after xmas sale, £8 and they came with quite a nice plaited belt.

Leggings- Select of course!

Unfortunately my flat was cold so I ended up throwing an extra layer on for the majority of the day...

My dance society hoodie! I love the colour and I bought it in a large so that it was ├╝ber snuggly :)

So not that interesting today really!

I just NEEDED to show you the results of the hot chocolate I said the bf was preparing last time I posted...

I got the Whittards '7 Deadly Sins' hot chocolate set for Xmas and it is beautiful! This is the 70% cocoa hot chocolate, topped with Anchor 'Extra Creamy' squirty cream (the stuff is amazing but I swear has like a million calories in it, but I really don't care!), then it was topped with dark chocolate sprinkles that came in the set. Was nom-tastic :) we added the straws for ease-of-drinking :)

(feel like another one of those after looking at it again!)

Anyway, now to a feature I thought of that I am toying with the idea of keeping as a regular thing: 'Web-Link Wednesday' which is basically where, if I see anything on the web of particular interest, I post it here. 

So this week I came across something on Facebook that made me really excited... Rosie Sweet-Tree, which is basically what it says on the tin; Sweet Trees! They look amazing and I really need someone to buy me a Ferrero Rocher one, (if anyone feels like it...). But it was the Chuppa Chups one that really caught my eye, and I think it's quite a bargain for £30, imagine it as a centre piece for a birthday or something! I also understand she is doing Valentine's Day ones, so if you were looking for something a bit different, look no further :)

So let me know what you think of the Sweet Trees, and what you think of this as a feature on the blog. I often see things that I think really should get more attention than they do. I know not many people read this right now, but I hope one day they do, and that they see these awesome things I keep spotting :)

That's it for this evening, got a day of cleaning, packing and preening tomorrow, got to have nice nails etc for a weekend jaunt!
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